Friday, September 11, 2009

A love for all times...

{original post published February 27, 2009}
I recently spotted a new pair of jeans on a friend. I knew instantly they were Lees, but decided to play dumb and simply gave her a compliment on how well they looked.
She immediately said,
"They're Lees!"
As in,
"who would have thought I would ever be wearing Lee jeans?!".
She's a Levi's fan and this was her first time to cheat on her fave brand.
Immediately I joined her bandwagon, praising Lees and how comfortable they are.
You see,
these are not your mama's jeans!
I then had a sense of guilt.
For I thought at least all my family and friends knew my love for Lees and had read my post detailing my undying love for the jeans!
Alas, here I am,
months after my original post,
a proud owner of four styles of Lee jeans,
15 1/2 weeks pregnant,
and there are still those walking around, suffering in their old jeans.
I just had to share this post once more!
You see, there are no maternity jeans for me {yet!}.
I know, at 15 weeks there's nothing to warrant wearing maternity clothing, but in my experience at this stage I feel more like I have a spare tire around my waist than a cute little basketball in my belly! My Lees are very giving, with their patented comfort waist and stretch denim {mind you, this is NOT the stretch denim that makes you look like your jeans are painted on!!} there is no need for anything else! Oooh, ahhh, the comfort. For the sake of women everywhere, I felt this post needed "re-posting"...just look at my poor friend that has walked around for months in severe discomfort with her old jeans. Yes, severe! I hope the following information will prevent such a disaster in your own life!
{original post follows}
Calvin who? Nothing Comes between me and my Lees!
I promised I would share my jean secret (for those few of you I haven't already told every time I see you!!)...and BigMama's Fashion Friday seemed like the perfect time.
A few months ago I bought a pair of Lee jeans at Kohl's {I heart Kohl's!} and let me tell you, I was hooked! They are not "lowrise", but rather "midrise". I don't think I can express how extremely comfortable they are. I'm not a fan of stretch jeans because they usually have too much stretch for my taste and I feel like I'm wrapped in saran wrap. These have the perfect amount of stretch and the waist doesn't try to "hold you in" muffin top here!
Lee has several styles of jeans so I thought I would include the tags from the second pair I bought a few weeks ago (loved my first so much I had to have more!). Again I got them at Kohl's and the final price was $21.59...very affordable, especially for an awesome pair of jeans!
I've looked on and can't find these jeans, but I think they are these jeans on (natural fit flap pocket). Here's the tag from the inside waist...

And this is what the pockets look like...

aren't they cute??

I'm also a MAJOR fan of dark wash...Stacy and Clinton really know what they're talking about. And did you notice the tag said "close fit"...because it really does trim your curves! If you get a wide leg, baggy jean it will only make you look wide legged and well, baggy! I love me some Stacy and Clinton and they've been saying for years that straight leg is the way to go...the bottom of the jean should be no wider than the width at the knee. To sum up: dark wash, midrise, close fit/straight leg/bootcut (depends on the brand!!), and some stretch...who wants to go back to the denim of old? Not I said this little red hen.


Kaycee said...

I'm trying these. I'm having a hard time finding jeans that don't look like "mommy jeans", and I'm too old to shop in juniors. Juniors pants are too low anyways.

The Stain Family said...

Yes, Junior's jeans are sooo not for mommies! :) You can find these in the Women/Missy/Petite departments.

Kari said...

Hi! I came over for a visit from Big Mamma's blog! Great post! I need to find some great, cheap jeans! Thanks for the tip! And, I agree with the whole Juniors department statement. I feel weird shopping there with my little 2 year old..and now 2 week old! Oh well...I had to leave that Dept. eventually!

Holli said...

A little confused. Are you pregnant?!!

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