Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh baby, BABY!

Sunday morning Raegen and I headed east to go to church with my parents and then attend Isabelle's baby shower that afternoon. And oh baby, was it a shower! Kristen and Justin are expecting baby Isabelle early November and I believe after Sunday's shower she just might be set for life! ha. Baby Izzy was blessed with so many wonderful gifts and Kristen's hostesses did an amazing job with everything!
Is this cake not adorable?
I "stole" this picture from Laura {one of the hostesses} because I was too busy snapping away pictures of Kristen opening all of the gifts and didn't get around to the food table before this beautiful cake was devoured! :)

It was a lot of fun to go home and see so many familiar faces and NEW faces...I don't think I've ever been to a shower with so many "baby" babies!! The oldest baby there was 8 months, but I think most were under four months! It was so much fun to see everyone.

Kristen received so many creative and unique gifts. The young mother in the above picture made both the canvas and the letters in the following picture.
Can you say talent?
I went to school with her and knew she could paint, but had no idea she could do THIS!
{FYI, she does sell these and I can get you her name and number if you're interested}

Madisyn was delighted to be going to a "girl" baby was her first! All we seem to have are boys, boys, boys! And boys are delightful and wonderful, but boy baby gifts don't come close to the adorableness of GIRL baby gifts! ha.
Just look at this little cap...oh. my. word.
And this Razorback smocked dress.....

I suggested to mom that she get Kristen THIS baby monitor. I'm pretty sure I've bragged on it before {not too long ago either!!} wasn't the one that Kristen registered for, but it is no doubt the BEST on the market. And even's PINK!!

Mom also had Stacy make this adorable burp cloth for Izzy {or maybe it's really for Justin!!}. :)

Stacy made an adorable Razorback pillowcase dress for Izzy and even monogrammed a Razorback on the tush of the onesie!! Gasp...too, too cute...complete with matching bow.
{I'm hoping she got a better picture than me...I'll "borrow" it and post it here too.}

Madisyn also made an adorable "softie" blanket for the carseat....pssst, Stacy!!
I need a good pic of that too!
It was fairly easy to come up with gifts to make for Izzy...bring on the HOG!! :)
I thought this would be a great wipe case to carry to all the games...or just use on game day!

And since her nursery will be done in pink and brown I thought this would be a great everyday wipecase.

And of course she needed some leggees!!
{the black ones will be perfect with the dress Stacy made....
oh, and the argyle....ummm, you know that cute little boy that just joined our family in May? Yes, poor Henry had yet to receive anything handmade by his Aunt Robin so I thought this would be the perfect time! ha}

Again, little Izzy will just have to have a special diaper bag taggie for those Razorback games!!

and an "everyday" tag...

I've always thought progression pictures are sweet, so I made Kristen some frames for the nursery that match the bedding colors...

Madisyn was a tremendous helper and did a great job of helping move gifts around...

Mimi and Madisyn....
soon we'll get to add another girly face to this group!!

Mimi, Madisyn, Stacy,
Henry {sound asleep!! the ENTIRE shower! :)}, Kristen {Izzy}, & Robin {& baby Stain!}

Kristen {Izzy!} and her friends ;)

Kristen with her family

I think they had to call a UHAUL truck to transport all these gifts back to Izzy's nursery!! :)

What a wonderful, fun shower...we are so excited for Izzy's arrival. It will be our first girl in eight years and our first "Richardson" grandbaby!
On my drive back to mom's I glanced over and saw what appeared to be dad's old truck. Then I saw what I KNEW was my child...
playing in the dirt and running around on Papaw's trailer full of old equipment!!
Can you say "brake check!"???
I guess they just had to get out of the house and went down to the auction lot to load up dad's purchases.

He didn't have to play alone either...his Witcher cousins were there too...of course!

"What? Those aren't play clothes??"

What a fun day. Raegen was wore out...he didn't make it ten miles down the road and he was out cold. We made it home just in time for evening church services. Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, it did!
Bro. John Bishop preached that evening {morning services too, but I wasn't there} and it was so nice to hear and see him again. It was a perfect end to a wonderful day.

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