Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, My {little} Linebacker!

My baby boy is now ONE!! We had his birthday party on Saturday at home with LOTS of family.

I went with a "circus" theme because all I could think of that Lynden REALLY likes is FOOD!! haha So a circus is perfect for that!
I used my ChalkInk pen to write a birthday message...
We served hotdogs for the kiddos and had a meat and cheese tray for sandwiches for the adults.

My printer has gone ka-put so I just had the letters for his banner printed at the photo shop on photo paper. I downloaded the free font from
{LOVE that website!}

I LOVED his cake!! A lady from church {same lady that made Raegen's} made it for me. I just gave her a picture of a cake I liked and she worked her mad skills. It looked better than I could have hoped for and it was DELICIOUS!!!

His smash cake...

"Happy Birthday!!"

Lynden was very timid with his cake at first...

but once Daddy showed him how things are done, he had a great time!!

He received so many wonderful gifts...
My sister made these shirts and gave one to each boy for his birthday. I was so excited because their shirts she made a year ago no longer fit.

If you would like for her to make you a shirt, you can contact her here.

We got him this Radio Flyer Scoot & Zoom. I think it will be perfect on the wood floors in our new house. I'm sure he'll LOVE it!

The weather was WONDERFUL on Saturday and we got to enjoy just being outside and celebrating.

Aunt Katie got hold of the youngest member of the family, Mary Claire...

We had 28 family members present and seven that couldn't make it. A few friends dropped by that afternoon and commented,
"I thought you said it was just a small, family party?"
Ummm...don't remember using the adjective "small", but this is the smallest our family gets!! haha!! AND we are slated to have three more members join us before the summer is over!
Lynden is very blessed to have such a large, wonderful family and LOTS of cousins to play with!!! His birthday party couldn't have been any better!

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