Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My little king is FOUR!

My baby boy is FOUR years old! In an attempt {ahem} to keep things simple this year, I opted to
1) have the party at the church
2) steal my SIL's wonderful idea of serving sandwiches!!

The theme was "Toy Story" and I found a lot of great ideas for the party online. There are so many great ideas out there and I'm always amazed at the bloggers that are willing to share their amazing ideas!!
I found this invitation on Etsy and thought it was perfect. I ordered it through

I made a few signs with my handy Cricut, including this one for the door. I used "green army men" attached to string to hold the sign up!

{I also took FULL advantage of all the Toy Story gifts I had bought Raegen and cut out the images from the cardboard box!!}

My "helpers" {my mom and dad!!! What would I do without them?} had some unexpected delays so we weren't able to setup as early as planned. Soooo....we were still getting things together as guests arrived!!

I have so many wonderful friends that jumped in and helped out...I am so blessed. Where I normally would have responded, "No, we're just about finished" I instead said, "Yes, HERE do this!!" hahahaha
And they did!!!

My table decorations were "green army men", Toy Story stickers found at the Dollar Tree, and my leftover cupcake toppers {it was a trial and error project and let's just say I had a lot of "error" that I turned into confetti!!}.
I chose to go with primary colors and made my birthday banner {my first!!! I've always wanted one of these since my friend Melissa made one for her son a few years ago} where I could simply change out the "age". It's really too much work to just throw it away!
I was so proud of my cupcake toppers. I found this tutorial online that got me started in the right direction.

I found my images online and then added my font {from AWESOME website!!}. I chose to create my toppers in Picasa. It really doesn't matter if you make them round or leave them square because you will eventually cut them out with a paper punch. Once I created a square image, I then made a collage in Picasa that looked like this

After MANY trips to Hobby Lobby and an online purchase, I decided that I prefer the Fiskars Extra Large Squeeze 2" Scallop Punch {found mine on Ebay for under $10}, layered with the 1.5" lever circle punch. I just used some scrapbook paper I had and to my surprise it was double sided which cut my work in half! I punched all my paper out and then attached my center {picture} to one side. I just used some rubber cement I had on hand, but any adhesive would work. Once that dried, I glued a FLAT craft stick {purchased from Hobby Lobby} onto the backside AND attached my other center {making my cupcake toppers double sided!!}. I chose to use a flat craft stick because although I prefer the look of the white sucker stick, it just doesn't seem practical! ha I thought the flat, thin, craft stick would be easier and it did prove to be quite easy {though because this was my first attempt I have nothing to compare it to!!}. I was very pleased with the final result and the "mistakes" became confetti on the tables!!
I wasn't sure how many people would come, but I definitely wanted to have plenty of food. You can NEVER have too much food. You can have the best party in the world and if you run out of food, that's all anyone will ever remember!!!! hahaha Soooo, to ensure we had plenty of food, I ordered three meat and cheese trays and two condiment trays...and there was PLENTY of food!!

Let's just say we had sandwiches for a full week afterward and still didn't eat all the leftover lunch meat!! haha It was such an easy meal everyone seemed to enjoy it.

This is my brother's little girl, Izzy...if you're wondering what baby girl Stain might look like, here's a good idea!! :)

The week leading up to Raegen's party was VERY busy {OB appt, make new mommy meal, monthly portraits for Lynden, CLOSE on land for house!!, register Raegen for PreK, help out with Sr Saints meal at church, etc} so I chose to NOT make his cake. gasp. Yes, I did feel guilty about it, {and yes, I have had all the cake classes and do not really have an excuse}, but I really just wanted to ENJOY his party and not be completely frazzled and stressed about a cake! So, I had a lovely lady at church make his cake and cupcakes too. It was sooooo nice to not have to bother with it all and she does use her "cake making money" to finance her yearly mission trip to Ecuador, so it's kind of like I was giving to missions. Right? No? Kind of? haha
She did a fantabulous job!!
We used a few of Raegen's toys as decorations...

The kids LOVED the stars on the wires and a few were a bit anxious to get a bite!!! Cousin Ashlyn snuck to the front of the crowd and almost got away with a bite of her own. haha

Raegen was the cutest thing when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him...he sang along!!! It was precious.

I had a few games lined up for the kids, but since we weren't completely set up when everyone arrived, the kids just made up their own games!!
I thought this was too cute! I made a cowboy boot out of a cardboard box from one of Raegen's toys and it became Woody's "There's A Snake In My Boot!" game! Just toss the snake in the boot and you win! People are soooo creative!
Another great idea I stole was "Lasso Bullseye"...simply toss a hula hoop {or holly hoop as Raegen calls them} around the horse!
And a little something for the babies...

a blow up pool full of plastic balls.
{IDIOT me didn't think ahead and realize the bigger kids would use the balls to throw at each other!!! oops. So, I had them gather all the balls and I put them up. And the babies were safe once more!!}

Raegen had two friends from preschool, a couple of cousins, and the rest were all buddies from church {including a few from the church we used to attend}!!! We have such a great group of kids at church and Raegen is so blessed to have them all as friends.
I really should put up some video of him opening his gifts because his commentary was hilarious. He was sooooo excited and had something special to say about each gift.

I was THOROUGHLY impressed with this gift from Hayden's's a billfold!! She even put a zipper in and filled it with coins, dollar bills, and candy, of course! It has a basketball applique with Raegen's initial on the front.
I worked VERY hard to get his superhero cape finished in time for his party...
and thankfully he was impressed! {I need to get a good pic of him with it on!}

Raegen's birthday fell on a Sunday so I reserved one gift for his very special day...
his new birthday suit!!

I also got him this HUGE, highly embarassing, will come back to haunt him, "It's my birthday" button to wear. Because I'm a good mom like that. ;)
He got a happy birthday phone call on his birthday from Mimi and Grandaddy before we left for church that morning. It put him in the perfect birthday mood.

At church all those that have had a birthday in the past week get to stand up and let everyone sing to them, so that made him feel extra special too. After church we took him to the local play place for lunch and PLAY!!!

Daddy had some fun playing too!

Lynden enjoyed just showing off his crawling skills!

He earned 36 tickets and was able to purchase TWO pixie stix {5pts ea} and a tootsie roll {25pts! hot commodity!!}! ha

And of course to top it off his big buddies came by to wish him a happy FOURTH!!
My boy's birthdays are just THREE short weeks apart, so I'm still up to my neck in party decor trying my very best to get everything ready for Lynden's big ONE year bash!!

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