Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AI = oh no.

Just a tidbit before I begin...
who knew "Motown" came from "Motor Town"...see, that's why I watch's so educational.

Here are my first thoughts on tonight's performances:

Matt Giraud- Let's Get It On- ...would have gone with a dark wash denim instead; typical Matt, good, but nothing to ooh and ahh over

Kris Allen- How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You- ...where do they get these clothes?!; okay for Kris...still waiting for more

Scott MacIntyre- You Can't Hurry Love- quite forgettable
{what is with Kara tonight? "Give me some rhythm, Scott, yo!"} ?? What?!?!

Megan Joy {the artist formerly known as Megan Corkery}- For Once In My Life- what happened to her mic stand? B looked up from his computer and said, "sounds like she's on a Carnival cruise"

Anoop Desai- Oooh, Baby, Baby- HOW does he sing those notes?? I did enjoy it better on the clip with just him, Smokey, and the piano. The boy can sing! Still a fave.

Michael Sarver- Ain't Too Proud To Beg- nice outfit...he's dancing? typical Michael- wrong song, didn't show us any skill

Lil Rounds- Heat Wave- where did the hair come from? WAY TOO LOUD!!! I enjoyed her talk with Ryan more than the performance...she's sooo genuine and upbeat...LOVE her {just didn't love tonight}.

Adam Lambert- Tracks Of My Tears- his face looks so clean?? Is he channeling Elvis? One thing you can not deny...this guy has control of his voice. Amazing. Super creative....slowly becoming a fave. Kara said, "I have six words for you Adam, 'one of the best performances of the night'" I had to use my toes to count it twice, but I think that's eight words??

Danny Gokey- Get Ready- Did he say "re-tay"?; seen it all've got to wow us with something new.

Allison Iraheta- Papa Was a Rolling Stone- whoa! That outfit is a trainwreck. Why?! I don't think there's anything left in her closet; WHOA!! Now that "bobba" stuff was cool! Girl. Goodnight. Has anyone checked her driver's license? Is she really only 16? A-MAZING.

To see them all stand on stage I just realized there's only three girls left in the competition. I think tomorrow night's bottom three will be Scott, Michael, and Megan. If it's not Michael saying adios, I think it will be Scott.
Who do you think will say buh-bye??
Oooh...I almost forgot!! How many of you dislike the cheesy hand-motion ridden performances on results night? These are grown adults {with the exception of Allison}, not junior high choir students! And, to top it all off...I think they're lip-synching...super cheesy. To me it goes against everything the show is suppose to be, i.e. relevant, current, modern...
Hop over to BooMama to read more insightful opinions about tonight's performances...


Smoochiefrog said...

I agree on the bottom 3, but I think Megan should go home.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Agree with your Adam = Elvis thought:)
I think Megan Joy, TAFKA Megan Corkrey is done.
Great post!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So nice to find your blog. I completely agree about re-tay and about the girls. How did their just get to be 3?!? And you are spot on with the bottom 3. Loved your review!

Brown Eid Girl said...

Love this post! I too was counting Kara's words, and was distracted by Danny's re-tay! My fave has been Adam since day 1. Hope he wins. TAFKA Megan C needs some dance lessons. She looks like a 5 year old swingin' her dress around in circles.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

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