Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Hair, what?!

Am I watching American Idol or American Hair??

Here's my recap of tonight's performance:
Anoop Desai- Caught Up- I've never heard the song. I thought he told us he was "bringing the energy"? I missed it. Didn't "feel" it or understand one word. He might be in trouble.

The Artist Formerly Known As Megan Corkery- Turn Your Lights Down Low- Yippee! The mic stand is back...I missed it last week. slooooow. Where's the range? I think the "mom jeans" will get more attention than her performance.

Danny Gokey- What Hurts The Most- Nothing special. I like the original a trillion times better. Why is Paula standing?? Last line of the song, "That's what I was trying to do." Don't think you did it. WHAT?! Simon thinks it was his "best performance". Whoa.

Allison Iraheta- Don't Speak- guitar, cool. Did Adam loan out his hair? Good performance, but not her best. Should have moved around some, performance lacked energy. Love it...Randy just asked, "Dude, what are you wearing?"

Scott McIntyre- Just The Way You Are- Did the stylist tease his hair? Not attention grabbing...voice was definitely better than previous weeks though. Who said, "One of the best of the night"...I hope not, not much to look forward to.

Matt Giraud- You Found Me- Voice sounds shaky. I do like the setup though. Love to hear him on the piano...man can he play. Thought it was "okay". Randy says, "Gotta let all that flavor out." I agree...give me more!

Lil Rounds- I Surrender- think she'll be going home...maybe not! Oh my, did I forget "this girl can sing!" Still fell flat though. Again, agree with Randy, "Young it up!" Also, I like her hair better "short" short...gives her that sassiness that she pulls off so well.

Adam Lambert- Play That Funky Music- hair slicked back again...much preferred. hmmm....what?! I think he's better than that performance. What am I saying, when did I become an Adam fan? He is quite the entertainer and I don't think he needs to worry about going anywhere, but didn't think much of tonight's performance.

Kris Allen- Ain't No Sunshine- piano? LOVE IT! I think he's fixing to make a name for himself! ...Yay! Kara got her "three" words correct! Why is Simon touching his hair? Is he sending signs to someone? Second time tonight.

Wow. Am I being unusually "tough" tonight? I wasn't overly impressed with ANYONE. I definitely think Kris did the best {and I'm not just saying that b/c he's a Conway native! ;)}....in fact, he could have done better. He's definitely improving. I think the bottom three will be Megan, Anoop, and Scott. After last week's results night who knows who will go home this week?! I'll go ahead and say Megan. I think Anoop and Scott probably have more fans.
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Smoochiefrog said...

If Kris keeps this up, there may be some surprises in the final 4. :)

Sherri's Southern Style said...

PLEASE send Megan home! I still LOVE Danny and Kris is becoming one of my favorites too.
Great post!

Erin McGraw said...

Beautiful Family and love your hair. Thanks for your AI recap, it is so exciting to have fellow bloggers to gush over the show with.

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I agree on your bottom three. I think it really should be Megan though. I'm not quite sure how she made it into the Top 13. Her voice is just too different too really carry the pop tunes that AI is famous for. It's just starting to be annoying now. It's like Sanjaya with breasts.

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