Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cupcake Cutie

We had a fun time in NWA this weekend. Friday night we had dinner with some of Mike & April's friends. They have a 10 month old, Haven, and she and Raegen played very well together. I was so thankful because sometimes the little king can be a little bossy.
When we finally made it to Mike and April's, Bigs was too excited for barks! He just couldn't contain himself and I think it threw Raegen for a loop. It took about an hour for him to warm up to his old buddy, but then they had a great time together.

It is so sweet to see them play together. Bigs will even bring the ball and drop it at Raegen's for them both!

Mike & April are building another house so they're temporarily next door to Robby & about convenient! :) The living room has these huge floor to ceiling windows and the view is beautiful. Raegen enjoyed watching the moo-cows with Aunt April.

We literally walked over to the Bader Barn on Saturday morning..."Let's get this party started!"

Here's the birthday girl...

I think I've mentioned a time or 10,000, that my sister-in-law is quite the cake queen. I think this picture speaks for itself.

Cupcakes as centerpieces...

Annelise was quite the cupcake cutie...

The whole fam...
Blowing out the candle

Dig in!

Amber, Ashlyn, Bridget, & April

Cupcake decorating fun! Where does Katie come up with this stuff?! :)
This was the neatest idea and the kids loved it.

Owen showed us his artistic abilities...

Alyssa stayed long after the others had left and moved on to fun toys...

Raegen was more interested in the toys, than the sugar...what a relief!

That only lasted so long...

Time to open gifts...

While the kids played, the adults had their own fun...

Aunt Katie and Raegen

Uncle Billy and happy baby Sean

Raegen and Uncle Robby play some ball...

Precious baby Ashlyn

Wii fun

Good times.

Thankfully Raegen went right to sleep when we got on the road headed home. He slept about an hour and 45 minutes, then we stopped for dinner. Always one to socialize, he buddied up to the table beside us and had the women passing him around like a prize pie. What can I say? He's a friendly fella.


Laura said...

What a WONDERFUL party!! That cake is awesome and I so envy Annelise's name! I wanted to name our Alise that, but the hubby didn't like it. Pooh! Anyway, I would say you guys had a great party weekend~!

Holly said...

Wow ~ what fun! That is the cutest cupcake cake!

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