Friday, March 13, 2009

I heart Kohl's

Kelly's looking for recession dressin'....looking cute for $30 or less. And as always, BigMama is asking for Fashion Friday picks, so I decided to combine the two.
I was trained to hit the sales rack first and never pay full price for anything. Who knows when you'll need an extra buck to buy a fudge round and a diet coke? Before I spend an hour talking about my current love, Kohl's, I want to give props to one of my all-time fave stores, Toward Men, or as most people call it, Goodwill.
Talk about a good fave buy of the moment is a dark denim skirt I got a few weeks ago. It's a Mossimo, which means it likely came from Tar-jay, but it's trendy and comfy and has been on Wednesday night church wardrobe repeat for a month now!

I also like to rummage through the home decor area while I'm there. I bought a few glass bowls a few weeks ago that I'm currently using to house some plants.
I got this bowl and glass stones for .50 cents! For a good deal on vase fillers (glass stones, rocks, etc.) check out Everything's a Dollar. I was in there just this week and they had a slew of them.
Back to clothes...
Here are some sweaters I bought on clearance at Kohl's. I like to dress in layers and these keep me from looking frumpy (or I hope they do). I especially like the waist detail on the blue the illusion of "going in" at the waist. The most important thing in fashion is shape or silhouette. You never want to look like a big rectangle.

Here are a few more I recently purchased on clearance. With last week's warm weather I thought I wouldn't get to cut the tags 'til next year, but for fashion's sake it's cooled down here and I've been able to sport my new digs. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the charcoal grey sweater has some waist detail that once again, gives the illusion of "cinching".

Here's an example of's what I wore yesterday. I'm not one to show much skin, so I really like to use tissue tanks and tees from Target. They are lightweight and long waisted. Regular price is usually $9, but they're on sale for $7 quite often. Mossimo is the brand and instead of a tag, the brand info/fabric content/washing instructions/etc. is stamped on the fabric. That's good for me because I like to turn the tanks around and wear the back on the front, vice versa. Why? The front of the tank is lower than the back, so by turning it around, it shows less of my chest which is a good thing. :)

Here are a few sweaters I bought for my husband. He refuses to shop, so I basically purchase the store, bring it home for him to try on, then return what doesn't work. Yet another reason I'm in love with Kohl's...they make returns ridiculously easy. I have asked before what their return policy many days, etc., and the response was, "We don't really have one. We'll make it work out for you." And they do every time.
I was sad these sweaters didn't work, seems my hubs is a little more muscular than I had thought. ;) This sweater is 100% cashmere...oh. my. dear. goodness. that's soft! As you can see from the tag, it started at $140 and I paid $23.79 after discounts. So sad to see it go back to the store.

If you are a small/medium male, you should go to Kohl's NOW!
I heart Kohl's because of:
selection! (they keep it trendy AND they carry the basics)
the clearance rack!
discounts and promotions! (if you're disciplined enough to keep a zero balance on your credit card, apply for a Kohl's card...they'll send you coupons and discounts weekly)
their return policy!!


Mare said...

Great post. I love Kohl's too and Goodwill. I have twelve skirts from Goodwill.

Big Mama said...

I wish our Kohl's was closer. It's a great place to find some really good bargains!

Laura said...

Hi! I found your blog thru Kelly's Korner! I heart Kohl's, too, but mostly for my daughter. I buy a few things for myself. Have you noticed the new Donna - Something line (can't remember the last name)? That's more my style since I work...have to dress the VP part. Anyway, you sound like you are my kinda diet-coke-fudge round friend!

The Stain Family said...

YES!, Dana Buchman...great designer! I first noticed her clothes at Dillard's many years ago...I think I even did a presentation on her in one of my college classes. ?? Anyhow, I was surprised when I saw her line in Kohl's...they know a good thing when they find it!

Stefanie said...

I love Kohls too! Just "cleaned up shop" for my four boys last week! I often wonder how they stay in business with the prices I pay!

Jillian, Inc said...

My first visit to your blog (via Big Mama)...and I had to chime in my love for Kohl's too. I have really loved their Vera Wang line, especially her coats and dresses. Cute blog!

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