Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rhea Lana addict

I will admit, I am a Rhea Lana addict. In fact, I'm one of "those people" that sign up to volunteer in exchange to shop early. AND, I arrive no less than one hour before the store opens so I can be first in line. AND, I bring my own basket!
I am proud to say I have pulled some good friends down into this dark little hole with me.
Here is one such friend that is a happy RL addict too.

In fact, she rigged up her own fancy schmancy basket to use at the sale. Did you notice the double strength corded twine tied strategically to one end and the "keep the basket quiet while it's being dragged across the floor" pads? She's the real deal.
I had so much anxiety about this sale that I didn't even sleep Friday was sheer torture. I think I finally dozed off around 4:30a.m. I was able to get some great deals for some fam and friends...pack 'n play $12, booster seat $3.50, Britax car seat w/ extra base $65. Woohoo!! Deals, deals, deals!
Sadly though, I was only able to find three items for the little man. That totally took the wind out of my sail. I'm used to really loading up, but I understand that as kids get older they're a little rougher on clothing. There were a few "maybe's" that I'll check out on half-price Saturday. Just not much to choose from in the boy 2T section.
However! Cousin Amber was able to find a ton of things for baby Ashlyn. In fact, when I asked her if she loaded up, she summed it up in one sentence...
"A lady saw my cart and asked, "how many kids do you have?".....
That would be numero uno.


Stacy said...

Have you checked on your sales? You sold a few things on mine - I think the participation fee has been paid now. LOL

Angela Ibarra said...

I will be putting a patend on the basket, I did see a lady doing the same thing with a scarf tied to the basket however, she did not have sound buffers and quite frankly her basket dragging was lout and annoying. :)

The Stain Family said...

I completely agree! Rhea Lana shoppers are there for a serene experience, not to hear someone's rackety basket echo through the store. Manners please! ;) haha

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