Saturday, March 7, 2009

Takin' it to tha hoop.

Saturday morn we left this adorable face and headed to Ft. Smith for the state b-ball playoffs.

We played Rogers and things started out well..

As always, our loyal students were there to call the Cats!!

Here's Roger's student section...

And again, ours... Woohoo!

Puttin' it through for three!

Game on!

The Cates were there too...Hannah sat with me and Maricela. Somehow we sat smack dab in the middle of Rogers fans. The guys (B, Frank, Taco, Mr. Jerry) were just a few rows over, but amidst Conway fans.

This guy cracked me up. He was a Rogers fan, but thought he was a referee. I didn't get the shot quite quick enough as he was making a call.

We fell behind at half, but were able to get close again at the end of the fourth. I was quite excited and thought we might win. As I mentioned earlier, we were smack dab in the middle of Rogers fans so when their guys made a basket they would stand up and hoop and holler and I couldn't see what our guys were doing. So I was standing up to see and oh boy was I excited! We really had a chance to win this thing afterall. Suddenly I felt two fingers go down my pants around my waistband and I was yanked back down into my seat. Should I repeat that? Someboy else's hand went down my pants, grabbed hold of my waistband, and yanked me down into my seat. Mind you it was neither my husband nor my mother. In fact, it was an older woman sitting behind me...a Rogers fan. I kindly placed my hand on her knee and told her, "next time you can ask nicely and not touch me". And then we proceeded to have a stare down that ended with a cheesy smirk. I told Hannah it's times like that that it's hard to be a Christian. And it's times like that I wish I'd had my wooden spoon in my purse so I could have laid her across my knee and given her a good pow-pow.
After that I wanted even more for our boys to win!!!

But they did not. It's still remarkable they made it as far as they did and next year will be a whole new ballgame.


Angela Ibarra said...

Where are those wooden spoons when you need them- that is so funny, I can't believe someone actually did that without saying something first.Way to hold your composure, not sure I would have had the same reaction.

The Stain Family said...

No doubt it was a good thing Hannah was there...I felt I needed to act calmly for her sake...kwim?? Not a very good example if I spaz out on someone. haha.

Holly said...

Oh my! You should have taken a picture of her to go with the story! That is just too much! I mean WAYYYY too much! I agree you handled it well! You go girl!

You did a fabulous job with the action pictures!

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