Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

This was Raegen's third Easter. I am hoping next year he will understand that it's a celebration of Christ's redeeming love rather than a time for plastic eggs and chocolate rabbits. :)
This year Billy preached at a neighboring town during the morning service so we were not together that morning.
Here's Raegen right before we walked out the door...

I'm not sure where he picked up the "cheesey" grin, but it cracks me up.

I snapped a pic of Aunt Jenn before she could politely say no. ha. Too bad in my haste I didn't realize my auto-focus chose to capture the essence of my dash instead of the cute blonde. :)

It rained and it poured buckets ALL day Sunday, but that didn't stop Ashlyn and mama from looking cute as ever.
I tell ya, that child has the pretty mouth I've ever seen.
Is that an odd thing to say? It's so true though!

This is Ashlyn's basket from us. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that you're suppose to spoil girls, so we're trying our best. I even put in a few treats for mama and daddy. ;)

Kordell and Raegen giving me the "we're done with pictures" look. ha.

Now that's a bucket basket!
I'm thinking Aunt Jenn got that same memo, only it said to spoil Raegen! ha.
{the cute rabbit basket on the right is from church, all the kiddos got one to take home}

Raegen and Dusty had a lot of fun with the grass.
{yes, we FINALLY named the dog!}

I mentioned earlier that Billy preached in a neighboring town on Sunday morning. One of the little girls in the congregation gave him this egg. Isn't it cute? He was also given a dozen fresh farm eggs. Guess they liked the preaching! ha.

When Raegen woke from his afternoon nap, we gave him his Easter basket from us.

Then it was time to hide eggs...the rain wasn't a hindrance.
We just hid all 3 1/2 dozen in the house!

The guys helped me hide them. Taco found some interesting places to hide a few...

This picture shows a typical Sunday afternoon for us. I usually bake brownies or cookies. This week Colt graced us with his baking abilities and made some scrumptious brownies.
{Raegen has no idea he's an only child!}

Taco was kind enough to take a fam pic for us as we were headed to evening services.
??What are we doing?? Like mother, like son...

Take two.
That's our Easter Sunday...hope yours was great too!


Holly said...

You have a beautiful family, Robin.

I hope you found all the eggs. After a story I heard yesterday about hiding "real" eggs inside because of the weather I was glad ours were all plastic. :~) Leaving a boiled egg out for weeks can get ugly ~ or so I was told. :~) HA HA!

Angela Ibarra said...

Ha, I was just about to say the same thing that I hope you found all the eggs, if not, you will in a week or two.

Kari said...

OOOH! Love the pictures! And wow! He made out like a bandit for Easter!!

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