Saturday, May 2, 2009

for the Raegen record...

{because I rarely write anything down, and you're too funny to let it pass}

Sunday you wore a tie to church for the first time. You were less than thrilled to tie one on, so daddy put his on first and you thought it was pretty neat. Like father, like son.

Monday we went to storytime for the third week in a row. We arrive a few minutes early so you can play with the toys before we head back to the listening room. Your fave toy is definitely the vacuum. In fact, the minute it became available you grabbed it up and ran around the room shouting, "Mine, Mine! No! Mine!" {any suggestions mommies??} You picked up on the cue that it was time for storytime to begin and dropped the toy and grabbed my hand, pulling me back to the room. When the session was over you passed on the handstamp because you were more concerned with getting the vacuum...and get it you did!

Tuesday we helped out at the church for the annual Preacher's Meeting. I was so proud of you when you led me to the bathroom so you could go potty on the potty. We are really making some improvements. Mrs. Lois said not to worry if it doesn't happen again for weeks...I'm trying not to get my hopes up. :) Later that morning as we were yet again in the bathroom {I do feel you and I spend half our days in there!}, the lights to the church went out. At first it was off, on, off, on...then offfff, on, offfff...I realized they may not come back on {and they didn't!} so I grabbed you up and headed for the exit, nearly knocking down a few innocent bystanders. You wailed until you saw daylight and then things were right again.

Thursday you jumped right in to help me with a few makeover projects I have underway.

You and Dusty managed to make the most of the mud {we've been having excessive amounts of hydrometeroids} and I had to give you both a bath before it was noon!

I am constantly protecting each of you from one another. If you're not wringing his ear, he's pouncing on you from the back. You may play hard, but you love hard too.

One of your favorite games to play is "Bye" will run to your room, yell "Bye!", and shut the door. We'll go knock on the door, you'll peek out, holler "No!", and shut the door again...followed by lots of laughter. You often do this with Dusty as well, and he gets his head stuck in the door...poor puppy.
Friday night as you were sitting in my chair with me, you reached over and moved my head so that my face was touching the back of the chair. You said, "Night, night" and proceeded to stick my thumb in my mouth and close my eyes. Ever the perfectionist, you took my index finger and placed it over my nose...just like you do when you sleep. Your daddy and I were laughing so hard we were crying. You are hysterical.


Kari said...

Aww how sweet! The whole potty thing is awful! 2 steps forward 3 steps back. (I feel like there should be a cartoon cheetah singing with Paula everytime I say that!!!)(a la Opposites Attract song) Anywho. I love the "bye" game you guys play! Cute! And, that poor puppy! haha

Holly said...

He is adorable in that tie! Great post!

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