Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a boy! AND another boy!

TWO of my preggars friends had their "gender" ultrasounds TODAY and it seems...
they're both having boys!
YAY...more buddies for Raegen to wrestle with. :)
One is Kibs and the other is Andrea...I mentioned a few months ago that a dear friend had shared with me that she was's ANDREA!! :)
I've been meaning to share this story...
On my birthday, Billy mentioned that he would like to give me some cash and Andrea some cash, and let us go shopping at Petite Sohpisticate.
Isn't that sweet?
I was impressed with his idea, but had to break the news that
#1 Petite Sophisticate is no longer in business
{but thanks for remembering that it WAS my fave store!}
#2 Andrea is preggars and will soon be shopping in the maternity section!
He replied with, "Oh" and "That's why I said 'sometime'"
Congrats ladies!! Those boys will steal your hearts!


Angela Ibarra said...

I was just going to ask you this last Monday when I watched Raegen, but I forgot. I knew it was Andrea. It had to be either her or treena. That is great, I am very happy for her, and if every one keeps having boys, they will soon be "wrestling" about wich one will marry the few girls we got.

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