Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A spoonful of sugar

Here's a story of how I transformed these {F-R-E-E, that spells FREE! frames}...

into this...

Let me start by first saying I was inspired by The Nester and her framed fork...

Isn't that adorable?

After reading her post, I could hear Billy's Grandmother's spoons calling my name...they've been safely tucked away in a garbage bag...GASP! I thought it would be a great way to honor his late Grandmother and add a little something special to our kitchen.
First, I spray painted the hideous gold frames a nice satin black...two coats for peace of mind.
Then I purchased some scrapbook paper at HL and cut it to size using my handy dandy scrapbook paper cutter upper.

A little spray adhesive on the back of the paper and ...

Before I hot glued
{GASP! No, no...it's safe...once the glue is cooled it can easily be removed so there's no harm to the spoon}
the spoons to the paper, I first let them sit in lemon juice for a few days to remove the tarnish. They shined up beautifully.

The spoons are from all over the world... Belize, Australia, Hawaii, you name it!
I'm very happy with how my project turned out...



TheWinstonFamily said...

I love how your frames turned out. I have a lot gold frames and the designs are very pretty. I just don't care for the gold anymore. Now I know what I can do to them. Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.

Jeff and Kibbie said...

Wow, those look great!!!!

The Stain Family said...

Thanks! I found the frames in the gym at church. ;)

BritBoat said...

Ah! I'm going to have to find you a Ukraine spoon to add to your collection. I will be on the lookout for sure!

the Fosters said...

You are turning into quite the crafter! I need you to rub off on me! Great job!!
Thanks for the explanation on cloth diapers. Who knows, if I ever have a 3rd, maybe I'll try!

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