Friday, June 12, 2009

Floatin'..., Floatin'..., Floatin' on tha rivah....

We headed north last weekend to visit with Billy's family and do a little floatin' with some friends. We stopped half-way to our destination and had lunch at a quaint cafe.

Love this pic, it's a fave though it's not in focus...

Raegen never ceases to entertain us...

Billy was laughing so hard he was hurting!

He grabbed this lemon like he knew what he was doing...

Raegen got to sit by daddy throughout the entire highchair for him!!
He also shared his dessert, apple sauce.

After lunch we walked across the street to a local bakery and picked up some delicious cookies. I believe this will be our new "normal" when traveling north. :)

Saturday it was down to the river we went!
Raegen came along with Nonnie {we're trying new names here, and it seems Nonnie is one that Raegen can say and likes!!} and Pawpaw to drop us off.

Come on in, the water's fine...


Raegen & Pawpaw

Derek, Courtney {5 months preggars}, Robin, & Billy

And we're off!

We had a nice 3 1/2 hour float. The weather was perfect, and the water level couldn't have been better. At one point we put down our paddles and drifted with the current. It was so relaxing. I did find it hard to be without my camera though!

While we floated, Raegen enjoyed having Nonnie's toys all to himself!!

After our float we headed down to "The Point" for some icecream and to have a looksee at the helicopter that crashed into the river. For further details on the crash, click here. We missed seeing it with our own eyes by one day, the following pictures are courtesy of Today's THV.
We walked out on a bluff and I snapped the following pics with my iPhone.
The water level is higher than normal due to recent rainfall, but there are still many spots that are dangerous to jump from because of the large rocks just below the surface.

This is the top of the bluff, where we were walking. I thought it looked really neat...I'm assuming the texture is a result of rain over the there are no nearby tress to provide shelter.

Derek & Billy believe the top of the bluff to be about 30 feet high. In this picture you can see a gentleman on the edge of the bluff, about 15 feet high.
I tried to capture the moment he jumped, but he proved too fast for my camera phone!! :)
After we got back and showered, Robby and the fam showed up. Coincidentally, he and Mike had a golf tourney the same weekend!

It was fun for Raegen to see and play with his cousins.
Alyssa is having a big princess birthday party tomorrow, but we won't be able to make it. {Hopefully Amber will take plenty of pics!}
Doesn't she just look like a princess?? :)

Raegen, Alyssa, Annelise, & Owen

What a way to end the day...bath time!
Nonnie gave Raegen a bath in her big tub.

Bath time makes Raegen a happy boy!


ALI said...

How fun! I'd love to jump into a river, but I'm afraid I'd just keep going to the bottom! I can't swim!!! AHHH!! check out my blog for our very recent and very fast trip to the ocean!


Jeff and Kibbie said...

Looks like a fun time! I love the pics of R tasting the lemon :-)

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