Monday, August 31, 2009

Beach Bums

I nearly forgot all about these pics, 'til my sister posted a few on her blog. In June we took a day trip to the beach. Originally Stacy and I had planned to take the kids to the beach every other week this summer, but so far, our June trip has been our only!!
Thankfully mom and dad were able to join us because six kids turned out to be quite a handful, even with four adults!

Raegen, a.k.a. "I have no fear", took the water full force. I think he swallowed more than he swam!
My "in real life" and blog friend Holly posted about a recent trip to the pool with her kids. Her swim attire was deemed "inappropriate" because it was not marketed as swim attire, though it was made from the same material as traditional swim attire {polyester}. She posed the question
"what constitutes proper swim attire to you?"
You can read her full blog post here.
Before summer began I was very excited to find a tankini with matching skirt for my swimsuit this year. I felt it was very modest, especially compared to what is on the market. The only thing I didn't like was the low front on the top. Well, I have finally solved that issue by layering a brown tank underneath. However, I still don't feel it is modest "enough" and would prefer to use a rash guard {worn by Raegen in above picture}. I am hoping to find one on clearance as summer is coming to a quick end. Holly resorted to men's swim trunks as it was deemed "proper" by the pool manager, but I have never had any luck finding any that fit properly. Why don't they make women's swim trunks? Or do they and I just don't know about them? And I do mean shorts that come down fairly close to the knee, not the ones that barely cover your rear! ha.
If you have any tips or ideas I'd love to hear them!

Getting on with our trip to the beach...
This was baby Henry's first time to the beach...

Sadly, it wasn't a very "summery" day, but rather quite cloudy and we ended up leaving early because a storm was a brewin'!
The lighting {not, "lightning", but lighting from the sun} was great for pictures though!

Dad hung out on the beach with all the "stuff"...snacks, pails, shovels, shoes, towels....

Raegen managed to make the most of the cooler weather...

After we showered we picked up lunch and headed to the town park for a nice picnic.

Aunt Stacy and our newest addition Henry.


Me and my daddy.

Mimi and Papaw

I don't think he's proud or anything, do you? :)

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