Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's go to the lake!

We enjoyed a lazy weekend at the lake last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We stayed with some friends at their friend's lakehouse. Did you get all that?
This was our beautiful view every morning. Very serene and peaceful.
We would grab a cup of coffee, or in my case Diet Pepsi!,
and enjoy "sittin' on the dock of the bay..."
Of course with a two year old you can't sit still for long...
so off we would go to "pay....I wanna pay"...

Round and round he goes, where he stops nobody knows!


I'm not sure if the playground was enjoyed more by Raegen or the adults!

BIG slides!

And baby slides!

Round and round they go,

when they fall they may not get up!

"Daddy, that face doesn't tell me you're enjoying this."
"What's the problem here?"

Mommies like to play too!!

I'm not sure how old this playground is, but judging from the "theme" (rockets, UFOs, etc.) it was made in the 80s at best!

Of course Raegen didn't mind...he just wanted to go to the top of the rocket!

Aren't these flowers pretty? Someone please tell me what they are! :)

If children swimming in their underwear offends you, it's time to stop reading. :)
We had a slight communication flub and Billy and I didn't realize the beach was next on the agenda. So we were quite unprepared to go swimming. Try explaining that to a two year that's been talking nonstop for two days about "simmin'". Afraid you'd end up with a meltdown that would make global warming blush. So, what to do when you have no shorts...wear your "shorts". ;)

After we got back to the lakehouse the boys brought the kayaks down to the water.

And as you know, boys, well they will be boys. It all started when Billy dumped Frank in the water. So naturally, Frank had to dump Billy.
Here's the sneak attack...
Even Raegen enjoyed a little "boating".

And it didn't take him long before he was jumping in feet first...

Cover your mouth!!


That was fun!

Another favorite pasttime was feeding the fish...

To be honest, they preferred poptarts over the "fish food".

Having a staredown with critters was also amusing...

Passing time on the swing...

We made another trip to the beach, this time with the proper attire...

We also wore our legs out on the paddle boats...well, Billy and Frank did. I don't think they're made for people with long legs. I didn't take my camera out on the water so I don't have any pics of that, but will get some from Maricela.

Like mommy, like son.
Raegen threw this headlamp around his neck and ran around the house demanding everyone say "Cheese!". Wonder where he picked that up?

Fun times with fun folk.

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