Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh boy!

Monday evening we showered baby Jonathan, mama Kibbie, and daddy Jeff with food and gifts!

My traditional diaper cake had a few tweaks this time around. Kibbie is opting to use cloth diapers {yay Kibbie!}, so the "diaper cake" was really made up of Raegen's burp cloths from his baby days. I wrapped the tiers in receiving blankets she had registered for and topped it with a big blue puppy!!

Maricela made the cake. Besides being beautifully decorated,
it was blue cake!!

There was plenty to go around!

Kibbie had five hostesses. Yes, FIVE!
Amber, Angela, Maricela, Melissa, and myself. It was a family shower so Jeff could be involved in the festivities. We chose to host on Monday night to better accomodate his work schedule. Our menu consisted of lasagna, salad, and chicken nuggets for the kiddos.
Time to give some gifts...

Uncle Marc helped entertain the little ones...

I had never seen this's a "mylittleseat" travel high chair.

Did I mention Uncle Marc helped entertain the little ones?

A few of us went together to get Kibbie and Jeff a Summer handheld color video monitor. I received one as a gift when I was pregnant with Raegen and I LOVE it. It still works perfectly after 2 1/2 years! I HIGHLY recommend that brand.

I did mention Uncle Marc was really, really great at entertaining a LOT of the kids, right?

Amber received an embroidery machine as an anniversary gift and quickly put her new found friend to work...she made this cute burp cloth...

and even cuter bib!!

And of course no baby can go without one of my signature wipe cases....
{who wants a naked wipe case?! ha.}

or baby wraps!! :)

Besides adorable clothes {btw, Kibbie really, really likes stripes and she received some really, REALLY cute striped clothes for Jonathan}, she also received this oh so sweet photo album.

"Did somebody say party?"

I think the kids had as much fun as we did. Billy was able to finish the fort {well, close enough!} and many of them enjoyed playing on it as well.

It was nice to just sit around and fellowship with everyone.

Kibbie and her host of hostesses!

We were very excited that Kibbie's mom was able to be here for the shower.

Just a few short weeks and baby Jonathan will come out to play!

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