Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Broken bones. Broken windows. Broken ceramics.

I'm making a list.
Daddy came home with a "surprise" last night.
Here's Raegen waiting to be given his "peasant".

A new car club!

A 9-iron, in fact.

I do believe it was love at first sight.

Daddy and Raegen often practice their "game" in the front yard. However, even with "choking up" on daddy's club, it's still quite difficult to swing it properly. With his new club that's "just his size", this shouldn't be a problem. It's still just a tad tall, but he'll quickly grow into it.

And daddy has promised if Raegen improves his skill with his new club, he'll buy him the whole set...bag and all! :)
I don't think practice will be anything we'll have to bribe him to do...I've already heard him this morning saying, "Daddy!! Pay doff! Wanna pay doff!"

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