Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Black is back.

It's another project ya'll.

Wanting to paint something and make it look good? Something that actually matters. Not some dinky side table or a Goodwill picture frame?

Here are the how-to's:
Numero Uno
Go to Sherwin Williams, afterall, they are "the professionals", right?
Numero Doso
Do everything that man tells you.
Numero Treso
You will be fully satisfied with the end result.
You know how I've gone on and on about painting my cabinets? I've thought of other options, but this is by far the most economical and, let's face it, the least amount of work! So I pulled a drawer out of one of the cabs {seemed easier than taking off a door} and took it to my local Sherwin Williams store. My next step was to find a professional, but {talk about customer service} he found me! I showed him my drawer, told him my plans, and this is what he told me:
First, you need to sand your cabinets.
NO, no, no...too much work. Tell me about this liquid sand all the bloggers rave about. {who wants to deal with sanding a bajillion cabs and the mess it leaves behind? not me.}
Okay, we carry "Gloss Off" that can be used to prepare high gloss surfaces.
I need a paint that's easy to clean and will work well in my kitchen and bathroom areas. I have a friend that loves her black cabinets the previous owners painted, but tells me they're a chore to keep clean.
Your best option is an oil base paint. It will give you the look you're trying to achieve. We carry an "All Surface" Enamel that will be good for those areas of your house. What color?
And despite what everyone has told me, from my husband to my sister and all in between, I said it. I spit it out so fast there was no taking it back.

Next he suggested I apply the paint with a small foam roller, using a small angle brush for the hard to reach areas.

Now are you ready for the big reveal?
I have a confession.
Remember how I mentioned that in my house small, easy projects trump big, time consuming projects?
I still haven't painted my cabs.
I couldn't get elbow deep in paint with baby Jonathan about to be born just any day! So I painted my buffet and china cab...again, completely against my sister's wishes. But I really think you're going to like it Stacy!
Here are the before pics...taken when I participated in Kelly's Tour of Homes: Kitchen Edition:

And the
Love is not a strong enough word. Why didn't I do this sooner?? I also spray painted the hardware with my beloved "Oil Rubbed Bronze" Spray paint. And you may have noticed the mirror is no longer gold either...attacked by my beloved ORB too!
Couldn't be happier or more pleased!

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