Monday, October 19, 2009

Come Smile!

The State Fair is a must in my family, so we all met up for some fun on Saturday. Maybe next year baby Izzy along with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Justin can join us!

First things first.
My, oh my, was there mud...double-D...MUDD! The "car parker pointer people" found us a nice muddy spot, then the tractor-tram picked us up right at the back bumper! I was relieved to not have to trek through the mudd in my new, super comfy, Naturalizer shoes!
{if you're preggars, you shouldn't leave home without them!!}

A fair must, our first stop was the FFA barn. We've been watching those ducks slide off that tin roof for nearly 30 years now, but it's still entertaining! Though I must say this year the ducks were a tad too big and it wasn't much of a challenge for them to reach their food.
Grandaddy and Mimi with all the kids
Raegen, Ben, Madisyn, Henry, Griffin, & Ty
we'll be adding no less than two more to that number next year!

Next we stopped in at the STARR Barn so the kids could see all the rabbits and chickens. We also got to see a few baby chicks and turkeys hatch! One minute he's a baby turkey breaking free from his shell...

and the next, POOF!

He's a full grown gobbler!!

not really.

Grif is such a sweet boy...what's that I spy in his hands?

Could it be some fresh picked flowers?

Uh, something like that...

I always love the sights, sounds, and SMELLS of the midway!

Bring on the funnel cake!!

I was a tad concerned when they dropped us off at the street and told us we'd have to trek through the mudd, the MUDD!!, to our car. {though they did tell us if we got stuck they had free $5 parking I've ever had. ahem.} Billy was quite the gentleman and decided to go get the vehicle and bring it to us. Genius!! I wasn't too sure about how that would turn out though because my new Explorer is not 4-wheel drive like my old one...

But he made it through just fine!!
Raegen got to plant two sunflower seeds at one of the new "fun kid stations" in the FFA barn. On the way home he was able to reach the bag his "pot 'o dirt and two seeds" were in and decided to transplant them to a new plastic cup we got from the Hall of Industry {another must on our "places to see" list for the fair...I think it's the free pencils that keep drawing us back every year}. Sadly, more dirt ended up in his carseat than in the red cup and I never did find the two no sunflowers for us!

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