Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a turkey!!

Home is where the turkeys are.
We headed north over the weekend to attend the 64th Annual Turkey Trot Festival. When we arrived at Nana and Pawpaw's we were in for a treat...
Aunt Bridget and cousin Sean were visiting too!
The boys had a great time playing together.

Need I explain why my child is laughing hysterically and my camera lens is foggy??

Bring on the turkeys!!

The festivities started with a parade...

and for this small town, it was no surprise the Grand Marshall needed a little push...

Nana held Raegen's "candy bag" and boy did he collect a lot!
Notice the umbrella on the ground?
No, it wasn't raining...that lady was using it to catch candy! Genius! :)

Weee-oooo Weee-oooo

Isn't this cool?
All the beauty queens ride in Ranger fishing boats.

Raegen made sure to wave at all the pretty girls.
{though I had to shield his eyes when Miss Turkey Legs Drumsticks passed by}

The Boy Scouts.
I LOVED their hats!

The Girl Scouts.
They had a great "recycle, reuse, reduce" philosophy.

Is there more to come??

Have you ever seen a bull in a parade?!
It was a first for me!! I can't emphasize enough how HUGE he was!

It was really a great parade.
Lots of fun floats and things we had never seen in a parade before.
Like Grandma...

like grandson!

Yes, they really do throw turkey's from planes.
And no, we missed them all {this year}...we were indoors watching the Hogs play!! :)

After the parade and the Hogs game we headed to the square to do some people watchin' visiting.

{photo courtesy of Lorna}

Lorna and Raegen
{she made some AWESOME chili we gladly scarfed down and she has promised to email me the recipe...no pressure Lorna, but we're not eating again until we get that recipe!!}

Raegen had a great time at his first Turkey Trot

But if you asked him, he might say he enjoyed riding
{and driving!}
the tractor with Pawpaw and Sean even more!!

On our way out of town we stopped by a local spring.
With all the wet weather lately it was really boiling over!

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