Thursday, October 8, 2009

No doubt about it!

We met with the ultrasound technician this afternoon
and she verified that we are indeed having a
I had hoped for an action shot of when she gave us the news, but she told us we couldn't use the camera once she started the scan. So, this is our before:

The first picture that popped on the screen left no doubt in anyone's mind what we were having. I can remember with Raegen's ultrasound I just took the technician's word for it, but this time it was plain as day to even me! :) I really enjoyed the technician and was impressed with how thorough she was, pointing out baby boy's heart {four chambers}, kidneys, bladder, stomach, and the other more obvious parts, arms, legs, fist, head, eye sockets, spine, etc. We got to look at him for such a long time. His fists were clenched and his heart rate was 150.
Dr. S said he's measuring at 20 weeks instead of 19 {I'm 19wk, 3 days today}, but otherwise everything is perfect. Dr. S said I may deliver a week early, but I doubt it. To me it just means I'll probably have another big baby! :)
I'm so glad dad was able to come with us, the rest of the grandparents would like to have, but had to work. Dad's living the "retired" life. ;)
Raegen was wore out by the time we got home, but very excited to have a baby brother...though he already knew, didn't he?

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If it's any help, I haven't had any dreams {like I did with Raegen, dreaming I was having a boy} and I just don't have that "feeling" with this baby. I did have severe morning sickness that lasted through week 15, quite unlike my mild morning sickness that ended at week 12 with Raegen. That info may help or confuse you more! I'm anxious to see what everyone else thinks we're having.

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