Saturday, October 10, 2009

Prego Picks: Edition 2

I love being pregnant.
I loathe traditional maternity clothes.
Well, except for the comfy pants!
When I was pregnant with Raegen I made a lot of mistakes, fashion-wise.
I'll share one because we don't have all year...
Someone gave me a pair of brown corduroy overalls.
I wore them.
Never again.
I don't care who tells you you look adorable in a pair of corduroy overalls...
they're either lying or they never watch "What Not To Wear".
You should turn and RUN because they are not your friend.
The reality is you look like a five year old and it would be cute if you were five, but you're not.
What's worse is those shoulder straps leave you quite vulnerable, KWIM?
And, the last thing you want to wear when you make a trip to the ladie's room every five minutes is clothing that takes ten minutes to get off.
I did make a few good choices with my first pregnancy. I shopped the Junior's section.
Now, before you run off let me explain. In 2006 the "tunic" style was just becoming popular and was found solely in the Junior's section. When you're preggars your tops need to be long, right? Who wants to see your belly panel sticking out? Tunics are perfect for that and I was even able to find some tunic sweaters with ruching on the sides. Do keep in mind once you wear these "normal" clothes when you're 9 months pregnant, they can no longer be part of your "normal" wardrobe...unless you like the stretched out mid-section look.
Have you heard of "fly-away" or "swing cardigans"...well, they were popular last year and even more popular this year! Perfect for the pregos!! I was able to score a lot of cute sweaters last year at the end of the winter season for major of course, Kohl's! They are all a "cardigan" style and therefore will accomodate my growing belly.
Here are a few examples, just click on the picture to visit the retailer.

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