Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a date night Thursday...
again, why are all our date nights on Thursday's??

{and more importantly, why do I always look like I've never seen the sun?!}
Can you guess where we went?
Here's the answer...

What? That picture not clear enough for you? :)
Okay, we went to hear a lecture from Ben Stein.
THE Ben Stein...

That's right... "Bueller...Bueller..."
He gave a great lecture on economics and current events. He's a very insightful individual with many political experiences. He was even a speech writer for President Nixon! We really enjoyed the lecture and the Q&A that followed.

His wife is from Heber Springs so he has been to Arkansas numerous times and had only positive things to say about our great state. He was also very complimentary of the men and women that protect our great nation and shared the following story of when he met his late father-in-law:
He described himself as a young twenty-something punk hippy with long hair that didn't know much about the world, but thought he had it all figured out. When he realized his girlfriend's father was in the military he began questioning him as to why he enjoyed war so much and other nonsense. Her father explained to him that he and his fellow servicemen hate war more than anybody. More than those that oppose war. They are the ones that fight and often die and there is nothing they dislike more.
To which Ben Stein replied, "Then why do you do it?"
And the father said, "So my daughter and you don't have to."
What a wonderful country we live in with so many remarkable men and women that are willing to sacrifice their lives so we can enjoy ours.

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