Thursday, November 5, 2009

Full of fun Fall Fest

Last weekend we had a Fall Fest at church. I had the perfect recipe...Kelly's cake balls that she's always raving about. She prefers red velvet cake mixed with cream cheese icing and coated in white almond bark, but to be festive I chose devil's food cake mixed with chocolate icing and coated in orange tinted almond bark.
They were a disaster!
See picture below:

Kelly's are always so beautiful and evenly coated, but that wasn't the case for me. As suggested, I refrigerated the cake balls for over an hour before I dipped them in the white chocolate, but it didn't help any. I also added Crisco to my chocolate to thin it out, but there's only so much Crisco you can add! :) If I were to try it again I think I would freeze the cake balls first and maybe that would help. ??
Any ideas?
As you can see, after the first few were unsuccessful I chose to drizzle the chocolate on instead. I had absolutely no intentions of taking these to church, but B insisted. I thought of putting someone else's name on the carrier and probably should have! I think I just got put on the "Do NOT accept desserts from these people:"'s actually worse than writing a HOT check!
Here are a few pictures from Raegen's past costumes for church and visiting family & friends:


2009...we had a "Western" theme:

Raegen had a great time at church and as soon as we walked in B said, "he's not gonna want to leave!" He played on every inflatable there, except one that was primarily for bigger kids...though he tried to sneak over there every chance he got!
He played on the bounce castle, slide, and even the obstacle course with the help of the big boys.

I eventually caved and let him have a small cupcake...

and then somehow he ended up with a grocery bag full of candy!! ha!

That would be a Spiderman sugar stick!!
In all seriousness, I do try to limit his sugar intake and I have to say my hard work has paid off. The last time Raegen went to the doctor because he was sick, he was less than a year old! We haven't had any ear infections, colds, or other illnesses.
Most of you have heard this before, but for those of you who haven't...when Raegen was 16 months old he got a terrible yeast infection that would not go away. We had been to the doctor three times in less than two weeks and were being prescribed stronger, and stronger antibiotics. Someone tipped me off to probiotic powder and I visited our local Health Store to get more information. And boy did I ever get some good information!! I had let the doctors and nurses know exactly what I had cut out of Raegen's diet and what he was still eating...never was there a mention to cut all sugar, white flour, or dairy. The health store owner recommended I do just that and with the aid of the probiotic, the yeast infection was gone within days! Amazing! He had been in so much pain and discomfort and it all had a simple solution. I think he would tell anyone that asked that he prefers to be a healthy boy that only receives treats on occassion.

After we left church we headed over to Aunt Amber's and Uncle Marc's just like we did last year. Only this year, instead of having a bitty baby in her belly, Aunt Amber was holding a precious kitty on her lap!

The kids were adorable and Uncle Bank was.....not so much. ;)
It was a fun night with family and friends.

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