Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vacay Day Thray

Hello Mimi and Nana...grab a diet coke and a bag of popcorn,
it's another loooong vacay post 'o pics. ;)
Good Morning Sunshine!!

On day three of our vacay, we visited Sea World again.
Did I mention a one-day pass to Sea World can be validated and allow you to visit for a second day? The only restriction is that you visit within seven days of the initial visit. Sooo worth it!
On our second day of Sea World we visited the stingrays. Raegen wasn't too interested in touching them, but mama did! :)

Then we headed over to the Whale & Dolphin Theater to watch Blue Horizons.

The show is full of dolphins, birds, and performers flying through the air...
Raegen may look none too thrilled,
but he was having a blast on the inside.
I left the show feeling a little guilty, but knew exactly what would "WOW!" him. We made a mad dash to the Seaport Theater to catch Pet's Ahoy, a show starring cats, dogs, birds, and even a pig!

He thought it was hilarious.
Okay, maybe not.
But he did think it was great to meet the star of the show...

I guess the death grip on his daddy's shirt
doesn't convey the same feeling, huh?
Taking things down a notch we visited Jewels of the Sea Aquarium.

I'm always amazed at all the animals God has created...
talk about being creative!

When we exited the aquarium, the Journey to Atlantis, a log ride of sorts, caught Raegen's eye. He stood and watched the boats come down until mama and daddy got too hot and it was time to move on! :)

Nearby we found a great spot for a picture...
just like we did in '06...

Our next stop was the Manatee Rescue.
Here Raegen is giving his best manatee impression...

It may not be accurate, but it made me laugh.
Daddy and Raegen pose with a few "aldergators" in the background...

Raegen found more than sharks in the Shark Encounter exhibit...

duhn-DUHN duhn-DUHN duhn-DUHN

Daddy had a time getting the little king to look up at the sharks swimming overhead.
He was more interested in the conveyor belt he was standing on!

Raegen had no reservations about standing by the 2,000lb Clydesdale...

or petting him...

To put things in perspective, this is how their hoof size compares to an average horse...

In order to guarantee a good seat at the next show, A'Lure...The Call of the Ocean, we arrived at the Nautilus Theater twenty minutes before show time. Daddy had the good mind to pull up a You-Tube video of Sesame Street to entertain Raegen...

He gets to watch Sesame Street one time a day when we're at home. I was a little concerned he would miss it while we were on vacation, but he didn't seem to mind.
On our visit to Sea World in '06 Billy and I really enjoyed the A'Lure show, with the exception of the contortionists, of course! It was still similar to what we had seen before, lots of acrobatic movement, tumbling, and dance.
"Look ma! No net or safety cables!!"

Before calling it a day, we found another ride I could enjoy with my little king...the Sea Carousel! :) He and daddy also rode the Flying Fiddler again and of course made their way through the never-ending tower of nets and tunnels! :)

We headed back to our room for a nice, long nap. We had hoped to dine before church time, but given the church we visited was 20+ minutes away, AND the fact that Raegen and I snoozed a little too long, we settled to call in a pizza order and eat in the car! :)
The concierge suggested Flippers and
oh. my. dear. word. was it good! It really made me sad that we were devouring our meal in the car as it deserved so much more than a 20 minute car ride. The breadsticks were amazing and I can guarantee, "We will be back!!"
Our Pastor at home suggested a church for us to visit and we are so glad he did. It was a great service and afterwards we stood around and visited just like we do back home when we're at church.

The pastor and his son even suggested a great place to get a sweet treat...

It took Raegen all of two seconds after I snapped this picture for him to drop his cone...

it never fails! :)
But as you can see, he didn't go without...
mama and daddy had plenty to share!

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