Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hair today...

gone tomorrow.

I could take it no more.
After 12 months of letting my hair grow, I reached my breaking point. If the best I can do in 12 months {with prenatals and all the extra prego hormones!} is chin length hair, forget it! ;)
So, I had my hair dresser return me to my former self. In fact, I took him a picture of me at Christmas last year!
It feels so good to have short hair again, though I have to say few have noticed.
Of all the family and friends I've been around in the last week, only two have said anything...Maricela and Amber.
Maybe it's not as noticeable to everyone else, but trust me it was noticeable on my hair dresser's floor! I have "bangs" once again and it's off my neck...something that drives me absolutely crazy {I just can't take it being thick at the back of my neck!}.
I am loving it!

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