Friday, December 25, 2009

Hap-ee Birf-day Jee-sus!!

We had a wonderful Christmas day at home {though B got really sick and he's still in bed today!}. Raegen didn't quite understand why HE was getting presents on "Jesus' Birthday", but he certainly didn't argue! :)
We have adopted the "rule of three + a stocking" and that works great for our family.

This is the only gift Raegen actually got to unwrap because he had already received his ornament {gift #1} and his third gift was a little cumbersome to wrap, so we didn't! :)

It's a verse for his wall {something I've been wanting for a while}...we found it at P. Graham Dunn when we were there recently.

And now the showstopper, gift #3... "a bicycle?"

"It has a pedal!"

Proof that I can NOT video and take pictures at the same time...

It needs just a hair shaved off the seat post and it will be a perfect fit. With his boots on he can pedal one rotation at a time.

But for now he's perfectly content to push it around the house!
And just sit on it!!

Stocking time!

"A game!"

I think that got him more excited than anything! He even tried to open the box!

Billy and I decided not to exchange presents this year so I put a few things in my stocking just for fun. I've got a friend that recently told me how much she LOVES bracelets and I think she's got me hooked now! :) I saw this for a good deal at JCP and thought it would be a fun gift to open on Christmas day.
I also bought myself a pair of nice leather gloves from Kohl's because I don't really have any "grown up" gloves. But surprise, surprise, there was another box in my stocking! Billy bought me a nice pair of earrings, very similar to the pair he bought me when we were dating.

One of the hoops fell out without me knowing and we found it a week later, smashed to smitherines!, in his driveway. He thought it would be nice to finally replace them. :) I thought it was very sweet.

Of course Billy got a stocking too...he loves Macaroni as much as Raegen so I had to include that, along with some travel bags of peanuts/cashews, and a holiday Coke.

My attempt at a family picture...

It's rather difficult when my husband will only let me take three pictures, so this is it!! ha.

Then it was time for lunch...just a nice relaxed, southern meal...pork chops, mashed potatoes, vegetable and rice medley, and Macaroni, of course! With sweet tea, no doubt!

Thankfully Raegen's a little more giving in the photo op department!
This is his infamous "I'm cute" smile. ;)

Despite Billy being confined to his recliner {due to illness} and Raegen believing his bicycle is "boken", because the wheels stop turning when he pedals backwards, we had a wonderful Christmas. We are so thankful that
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
John 3:16
For Jesus is the true Christmas gift, and we are the true reason for the season.

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