Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Over the weekend,
Billy and I enjoyed a nice mini vacay with some of our church family in famous Branson, MO! ;)
Billy has been taking me to Silver Dollar City to enjoy their "An Old Time Christmas" festival since we were engaged in 2004.

We barely made it through the entrance when we realized we didn't pick up a show schedule. As we turned around to retrieve one, lo and behold, Marc and Amber walked in! We ended up enjoying the day with them.

First we visited Billy's favorite show, Fa-la-la-follies. I've always said it's the "B" actors that couldn't make it into A Dickens' Christmas Carol, but it seems they've done some recruiting! The show was still corny as ever, but at least the actors didn't sound like they were singing through their noses! :)

Of course no trip to SDC would be complete without seeing A Dickens' Christmas Carol.

And look!!,
we found the poster child for global warming!

If you haven't noticed from the above pictures, we are creatures of habit...
the shows we see
the attractions we visit
and even the food we eat!
We always eat at Hatfield's Tater Patch and order the Calico Fried Potatoes with sausage...cooked in a giant 5-foot skillet!

After our bellies were full, the thrill seekers {that would include everyone, but me!} decided it was a perfect time to catch some rides. Not all the rides were in operation due to the cold weather, but they were able to find enough to suit their fancy.
The GIANT Swing is just that,

There they go!

I think a few of them got more than they bargained for!!

The roller coaster, Thunderation, was their next ride of choice.

They practically had the ride to themselves!

We spotted Santa as we were racing across the park to the train. Amber was kind enough to run him down and ask his helper to take our picture. We thought it would be rude to exclude Santa, so we let him join in our fun. ;)

I just had to include this picture too...isn't this headband/ear warmer A-dorable?!

Do you think if I put one on my head I would be that pretty too??
Okay, don't answer that!

Despite the cold, I always love a good train ride.

The unique and quite impressive quality about SDC is they share the true Christmas Story, or Christmas Truth as some like to say.

The train stops mid-way through the ride and "Grandpa" tells the story of our Savior's birth. That story never gets old.
There were a few rides I was able to enjoy...I can't remember the name of this one, but everyone has a "gun" and you shoot at targets along the ride.

We decided to compete against one another, but when I realized I wasn't any good, I just posed for the camera! ha.

Marc, on the other hand, meant business.

And his hard work paid off!
204,700 points!!!

This is my business...a chocolate chip cookie s'more! ;)

We had a great time and I'm so glad we ran into Marc and Amber. They were great fun to be with...and it helps that Amber enjoys taking pictures as much as myself!! Though Billy would disagree with that being a "positive" aspect of the day. ;)

Afterwards we checked into our hotel and enjoyed an icecream social with our church family in the hotel lobby. It was a great time of fellowship and getting to know the families better.
The next day we headed to Sight & Sound Theatre to see Miracle of Christmas.

The show was just amazing, live animals entering from all directions, angels flying overhead, a stage that literally surrounds you!!
We had a great time and hope to see many more shows that Sight & Sound has to offer. It was nice to stop and remember that Christmas is not about decorating trees and hanging lights...but rather celebrating our Savior's miraculous birth.

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