Thursday, December 24, 2009


I decided to rearrange the playroom/office yesterday. I had just finished hauling a queen size mattress and box spring out to the shop {yes, just me, myself, and I...when a woman wants something done, nothing will stand in her way!} and decided to sit and rest for a minute. I came across this blog post by The Nester and got inspired to do a little rearranging myself.
I had already began my project when I decided I would take a few pics along the way. Keep in mind, 30 minutes earlier there was a queen size mattress/box spring that took up half the floor. In this picture I had already moved the toy hampers to another location and was vacuuming as I went.

The bed sat where the vacuum and hampers are in this picture. Thus why Raegen's table and chair are inaccessible.

With the mattress in that location it was quite an eyesore and left Raegen with little room to play. Additionally, it was directly in the line of traffic and just plain annoying to walk around! :) It started at 3' inside the door and ran to the printer table next to the desk. The length was approximately where the vacuum is sitting.

I decided to see if I could fit the desk and printer table here instead.
It is a perfect fit! I'm not sure why I've never thought of this configuration before. I would prefer to have the printer within arms reach, but it's not a big deal. With the rolling chair on the tile instead of the carpet, it's much easier to move around as well. I also enjoy sitting near the french doors so I can have plenty of natural light shining in and it's a nice view as well.
The next time we have guests we can place the mattress at the back of the room where it is out of the way. I love our bookshelf that was handmade for us as a wedding gift, but it fails to "go" with the room. The main problem is we have too many books! ha. I despise how cluttered it looks and need to go through and pull any books we just don't use or never will. It is my hope that my wonderful father will come build some nice sturdy shelves in the closet and I can move a lot of the books there. ; ) ; ) Speaking of closets, they have no doors because they weren't functional and were the source of much frustration! So, I took them down and replaced them with curtains. Prior to our texture/paint job over the summer, I had curtain rods on the wall. However, I have new plans for floor to ceiling...and wall to wall curtains for that area. So for now it's push pins! ;)

I absolutely LOVE the new arrangement and I'm not sure why I didn't think of it sooner!! I have many more decoration ideas for this room, including a HUGE 4'x6' magnet board for Raegen, but for now it is finished. Thanks for the inspiration Nester!

I "think" I would like to get a futon or sleeper sofa for this room. It would be nice to not have to haul the mattress in the house every time we have guests {which isn't too often so it's not like we're making the haul every month or anything}. It would also be nice to have a little reading area for me and my little king.
Does anyone have an opinion on futons or sleeper sofas? Wait, does anyone with EXPERIENCE with either of these pieces of furniture have an opinion? :) I have always "heard" that sleeper sofas aren't the most comfortable, but personally I've never slept on one. AND, I've never slept on a new one. So, maybe the question should be, for those that have recently slept on a NEW sleeper sofa or futon, what was your experience? :)

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