Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Morning Mrs. Rappold's Class!

I heard it through the grapevine that you were all stalking my blog and I thought I would be the first to say hello.
So, "Hello!"
I'm sure you're all wondering how I knew you would be at school today despite the hysteria that "the snow is coming, the snow is coming!" I've lived 'round these parts long enough to not get my hopes up, that's how. So I'm sure many of you are wishing you hadn't slept with that wooden spoon under your pillow last night because all it got you was an aching neck. And the whole wearing your pajamas backwards? Trust me, your back is telling you to "talk to the hand!" because sleeping on a row of buttons is just never enjoyable. Also, don't worry about the two ice cubes you flushed down the john, they're long gone so no need to try and rescue them. I promise they're in a happier place. Maybe.
Welcome, welcome, welcome!!
Blogs are a lot of fun and are designed for a number of reasons. I began my blog as a means to record the daily events of my family and share that {easily} with our extended family. Some mothers keep scrapbooks, I keep a blog. In other words, I'm a lay-zee-mohm.
Take a look around.
On the right you'll find a picture for each family member and little about each one. Following that is a collection of my "followers" {those that are "members" of my blog} and directly below is my "blog list" {blogs that I enjoy reading}.
On the left are a lot of "widgets" that make it easy to search my blog by topic or date. At the VERY top of the screen you will see a blank box. If you type in a word and hit enter, all blog posts containing that word "should" appear. Another way to search is by "label." I TRY to label all my posts {I didn't use this feature when I first started so I'm still in the process of labeling my earlier posts} so you can click on any label and it will bring up all posts I created and labeled with said topic. And under "What's Been Hap'nin?" you can search by date.
Next you will see my Twitter updates, followed by two very cool tools, Feedjit and Blogpatrol. These are great to use to see who's stalking you and where they're from! :) And they're FREE!
Let's talk about free.
Every widget on my blog is available at no cost.
Before I leave you, let me stress the importance of ambiguity. I'm sure you're all aware of the "dangers of the internet" and a blog is no different. You should never give out personal information {address, school, etc.} through your blog. There is also the option of making your blog private where only those that are invited can view. I created our blog for our family and those that view my blog don't even like the process used to leave a comment, so I know for a fact they wouldn't go through the process of "signing in" to my blog! :) That said, I am susceptible to the "dangers of the internet" and the crazy people that are out on the prowl.
So, have fun creating your own "page" on the world wide web and most of all, be careful!
Oh, and go read this because it's just funny.

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