Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Party for Baby Lynden

*Disclaimer: If you don't like to look at pictures, you may want to leave now. hahaha...*
Let's Party!!
These two wonderful ladies were insistent on throwing a baby shower for Lynden. I tried my best to rob them of a blessing by repeatedly telling them I felt awkward to have another "boy" baby shower, but in the end they won out and I realized I was wrong for having tried to discourage them.
Kibbie, myself, and Maricela

We compromised and instead of having a full blown baby shower, we decided to have a sprinkle {typical for 2nd, 3rd, or later births} at a local restaurant. I LOVE throwing parties and showers, but find it awkward to be on the receiving end. Anyone else like that? I'm not sure why I fought them so hard because it's something they wanted to do. Let's blame it on prego brain!! ;)
Maricela made the cake to match the shower invitations. Is she talented or what?! Most people thought it came from a bakery!

It was nice to have family there as well. These ladies are from Billy's side of the family, Kayla, Kristie, and Amber. Amber was also present at Raegen's shower.

And here are the representatives for my family, my mom, Madisyn, and Stacy {Henry was there too!!}. Minus Henry, they were also all at Raegen's shower.

Madisyn was a great help at Raegen's shower and she was a great help at Lynden's too...she brought all the gifts to me so I didn't have to bend over!! haha
Her gift was the first one I opened...

It was a box full of drawings and sweet writings from her and her brothers. We had a good time going through the box and her telling me about each picture.

Stacy's been busy at her embroidery machine!!
She made matching shirts for the boys to wear and they are sooo cute!!

She also made personalized bib, burp cloth, and hooded bath towels!
Talk about spoiling a kid!
{I've included better pics at end of post}

This A-dorable!! horse blanket is from my friend Jennifer. It was so cute a little girl in the restaurant came over and snatched it out of the bag!! haha...we didn't know what to do! :)

Eventually her father noticed she had wandered away from the table and he came to the rescue. Though it took a lot of "threatening" before she released it from her tight grip! And when Raegen saw it he exclaimed, "Oooooh!!! I LOVE it!"
But then thankfully he said, "It's not mine. It's for da baby."

Aunt Amber made a personalized gift for Lynden too!
Isn't this a cute little pillow?! I just love the "curly q" font!

GASP!! It's a taggee blankee!!!
Kibbie made this herself...
It's super soft on one side and silky smooth on the other!
I LOVE the fabric she used...bulldozers, dumptrucks, excavators...
so cute, but "boyish" at the same time!
She did a great job!
Aunt Jenn is a girl after my own heart!
I'm so OCD that I knew I'd just "have" to decorate some letters to put on the wall for Lynden {just like Raegen has} and she read my mind! Being the project kind of gal I am, I'm quite anxious to get to work on these.

Drum roll please!!!
I was ecstatic over my next gift...
cloth diapers!!!
Nearly everyone at the shower, and a few that were unable to make it, contributed to the diaper stash fund and they were able to purchase my size small prefolds and ALL the covers I wanted.

I can hardly wait to put them on his little bum.
And then cover it with these...

Oh, they are soooo cute and soooo tiny!!!

No, you're not seeing double.
I registered for the blue/brown paisley in the newborn and small size!
It was just too cute not to! :)

And this last gift is really for Billy...

or maybe it's to aggravate Billy!!'s from my friend Jess who also enjoys dressing her boys alike.
She's just trying to help me fill up six of the seven days of the week I have to work with. ;) ;)

Thank you ladies {and Jonathan!} for such a WONDERFUL and FUN shower!!

Of course Raegen didn't come away empty handed either!!

Aunt Jenn got him a soccer ball that he is now inseparable from!

And Aunt Kristie gave him some new books...
one is The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners and the other is...
John Deere: Tractor Power!

Does she know this kid or what?! :)

Now for some close-ups of those oh-so-cute personalized gifts!!
From Aunt Amber...
personalized pillow

From "the" Kibs...
taggee blankee

From Aunt Stacy {and SewDarlin'}...
Raegen's Big Bro Tee

Lynden's Little Bro Tee
{and I would like to add, for all the heartburn I've been suffering through,
this kid better have more than one sprig of hair!} ;)

Lynden's Little Bro Burpee

Lynden's Little Bro Bib

Hooded Bath Towel
with terry cloth lobster applique
Can you say "key-ute"? OH this lobster!!

Hooded Bath Towel
with terry cloth sailboat applique

Pinching myself because I can't believe
I get another one of these precious babies...

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