Friday, April 2, 2010

Lions, and Tigers, and Homeless Gorillas, OH MY!


and Tigers,
and, umm... he looks like he should be holding a
"will work 4 food"
Jonathan, Mrs. Kibs, and Mr. Daniel {Kibs' bro} took the little king to the zoo on Friday. It was PERFECT weather for a trip to the zoo and I really hated that Lynden and I couldn't join them.
Thankfully, MANY pictures were taken so I almost feel like I was there!
I do believe this is Raegen's interpretation of an elephant...
Clowning with Mr. Daniel...
A decent smile!! Now, that's quite a feat!
Most of Raegen's smiles look like he's either in pain or throwing a fit! ha...
These pics really cracked me up...
"oh, look at the camera??"

I'm SOOOOOO thankful for Kibbie and the great friend she is. I know Raegen had a great time today and I'm pretty sure everyone else did too...though they may choose to wear ear plugs next time they take Raegen somewhere! The kid can talk! :)

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