Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's black and white and round all over?

A soccer ball!
The boys and I headed to a few ballgames Tuesday evening.
First we stopped by Miss Hannah's soccer game.
I had no idea high school soccer was played on a FOOTBALL field! AND the game consists of TWO forty minutes halfs! That's a lot of running in the hot sun. I was very impressed with the girls, and of course, our Hannah!
Raegen was impressed that a trip to the concession stand with Mr. Glenn {Hannah's dad} resulted in a bag of M&M's! :)

With the sun beating down on us, Lynden could take it no more and we left early during the second half. The girls proceeded to play TWO ten minute overtimes and then won during a shootout {five girls from each team take their try at kicking a goal against the other team's goalie...just learned that info last night!! :) didn't want ya'll to think they took out their guns and settled things wild west style}
I'm sure all the girls slept well that night! I was exhausted just watching them run back and forth across the field! I can't imagine playing for 100 minutes. whew.

Next we headed over to watch some friends play a little league game.

Trying to look presentable in my tie tee...

Way to go boys!!

Saying hello to friends...

Boys will be boys...
We're always happy to go cheer on our friends...and what's more entertaining than little league? :)

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