Friday, June 11, 2010

Seeing Double

Big brother has been gone all week to VBS. My little linebacker and I have had a {strangely} very quiet house.

Lynden's been wondering where that little guy that's always jumping in his face has gone. They will have a very sweet reunion I'm sure.
Although, to be honest, Raegen asked if he could stay another week!! He told me Grandaddy was taking very good care of him. haha
Most people are amazed that he would go for a week and not a tear shed, but he's always been a very social and independent child. He's a lot like his daddy who on his first day of school told his mom, "I can handle it from here" and found his own classroom.
We've talked to Raegen on the phone a few times this week, but only for a few minutes...he always has something more interesting to do than talk into a phone. Last night he told us he had to go watch his dogs! We've missed his humor.
I think my parents will miss him even more when he's not there tomorrow. I can see this whole scenario playing again sooner or later...and probably sooner!

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