Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jack and Jill...

Long story short,
Raegen fell and bumped his head,
five stitches later he has a great story to tell all his friends.
Do I have pictures?
Yes, I do!
But you don't want to see them.
How about some "before stitches" pics?

Saturday my folks brought the cousins over and we had a great time at the Model Railroad Exhibit in town.

It's thanks to Kibs and Baby J that we even knew there was such an event! And we're so glad we didn't miss it.

There was a center set up with Thomas the Train trains, that the kids could operate.

All the boys got to be conductors...
Uncle Billy kept an eye on everyone's speed...the rule was no faster than 70MPH.
And you wonder why Ty is laughing.

Raegen and Ty even raced their trains...

We fed the hungry mob and then...

we went to the park!!

It was a LOT hot.

But it was a lot of fun too.
Griffin enjoyed bein the captain of the ship...

and Lynden enjoyed just being there.

We hit up Happy Hour at Sonic on our way home.
of course.

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