Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Four Months

Lynden Rucker,
you are now FOUR months old.

You are quite the talker. You babble and squeal constantly. Your squeals are similar to the sound fireworks make as they zoom into the sky. Cute, but not necessarily pleasant to the ears!
You are very aware of your hands now and love to grab things on your play mat. Of course you always want to put them in your mouth. You also have started making "raspberries" and it's adorable. You even make them while you're eating sometimes. It's as if you think, "oh yeah, I haven't done this in a while" and then you start! Oh, you're a mess.

You are still consistently gaining weight {eating five times a day}
and growing out of your clothes {most are 9 or 12 month}!

At four months, you are
18 pounds,
25.5" long,
and have a head circumference of 43.5cm.

Your eyes appear to be darkening a bit to more of a grayish color. I'm still not sure about your hair! There's not enough of it to get a definitive answer.

You have an infectious laugh and I do believe you're a bit ticklish at your neck/chest area like your Grandaddy Richardson!! I can get you going sometimes and you act like you just can't take anymore, enough already!! But then you give a look that says "more, MORE!"'re loving every minute of it!

You still have a sweet temperment and are easily soothed.
you have recently learned to roll from your belly to your back and when it happens at 4a.m.
Sunday morning you awoke on your back at 3:58a.m. and you were one very UNhappy little camper. Surprisingly Raegen didn't stir. I'm quite impressed with how well he's adapted to having you in the room.
Again, Tuesday morning at 4a.m. you awoke and I had to feed you to get you calm enough to fall back asleep. It has happened a few times during the day during your naps, but it isn't an issue then...just when you're in your long night stretch of sleep.

You love to have something in your mouth at all times...
you name it!

We are now regulars at Mother Goose story time at the library. Before I know it you'll be picking Humpty off the floor yourself and returning him to the wall, so I'm trying to remember to slow down and just enjoy my boys. I finally got your announcements mailed out. Yes, just before you turned four months...better late than never.
Raegen thinks you are wonderful and loves to try to make you giggle. He's so sweet with you. He loves to talk about the things you will do together when you get "big".
When others at church or elsewhere ask him,
"Can I take your brother home with me?"
They get a big fat, "No!"
followed by, "Can I go home with you?"
He affectionately calls you "my Lynden".
Love it.

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