Monday, October 25, 2010

WPS!!!!! {"woo pig sooie" for those scratching your heads}

We headed north last Friday for Saturday's Hog game against Ole Miss. As you can see below, Raegen was thrilled I let him watch his "Cars" movie...

We arrived just in time to have lunch with Robby and Michael. As we were leaving the restaurant I was tapped on the shoulder by a "friend" I met through my blog during the summer. Ironically, we live just minutes from each other and have never met in person! It was great to FINALLY meet you E.L.!! ;)
That afternoon all the boys went to play a few rounds of golf and Lynden and I stayed with April and Brody. Lynden napped {of course} and I just wished I could!! Later that afternoon we headed a few miles north to visit with Danny, Bridget, Sean, and Gracie. Gracie is getting so big and can now hold her head up on her own!

Sean and Raegen had fun "racing" cars.

And, as always, Raegen made himself at home. ;)

On Saturday I dressed the boy's in their Razorback best {shirts from Aunt Stacy} and we headed over to Rob and Kate's for them to spend the day with their cousins.

Then B and I met up with his accountant, Jake, and his wife, Lane, for a little tailgating before the game. Because it was an early game the food consisted of donuts, pastries, and pigs in a blanket...that's my kind of meal!!!

{this picture makes me realize HOW. SHORT. I. AM!!! gee! grow some legs!!}

We had a BLAST at the game. Jake and Lane are such great hosts. We haven't been to a Razorback football game since...well, since we've had kids!!

Our seats were rather high, but I was amazed at how well we could see...I guess there really are no bad seats at a Razorback game!

Of course I stayed in my seat for the half-time show...hello!, LOVE. marching bands!! I recorded a lot of the show on my phone, but it was taking way too long to load on the blog, so just pics...

We stayed dry the entire first half and almost through the 3rd quarter. They made an announcement that a storm was 15mi away and moving at 40mi an hour. We decided to stay just a bit longer and it wasn't five minutes and they came across with another update that the storm was just minutes away!! We decided to head back to where we parked the cars and as we were crossing the street outside the stadium we overheard them suspend play due to lightning. I think we got out just in time. A shuttle drove us back to the parking area and we took refuge in the gaw-geous! barn.

You can see more pictures here. The parking area was at Pratt Place Inn & Barn and it's really the perfect place to tailgate because if you don't want to/can't go to the game, or you have to leave early, you can always just hang out in the barn and watch the game on the dozens of flatscreens they have.
While we were enjoying the game, the boy's were enjoying their cousins...
Raegen and Alyssa posing as cooking cousins...

Alyssa feeding Lynden with the Boon spoon {I LOVE!}...

Owen helping out...

And wouldn't you know it, when we arrived back at Rob & Kate's a white van pulled in just before us. I knew IMMEDIATELY who it was!! It was the Duggar's!! They are practically "neighbors" with Robby and Katie. They were passing out campaign flyers for their older brother, John, who is running for alderman. If I lived in the area he would have my vote!

Raegen and I watch their show every week...he calls it "the kids"..."I wanna watch 'The Kids'". I was soooo that crazy, creepy fan {can't you tell?!...I'm grinning big enough for everyone!}. They were so gracious and sweet and not once did they try to call the law on me. {though I don't know if they'll ever visit Rob & Kate again...they may call ahead and make sure I'm not there!}

We had such a great time this weekend with family and new friends... and I always enjoy seeing Raegen and Lynden spend time with their cousins.

The ride home left a LOT to be desired, but that's just traveling with kids...expect the unexpected!

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