Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Survey says...

I had my 18wk 5day {haha} ultrasound yesterday. Here the boys and I are just moments before we learned the big news...

and just after with the hubs and my dad.

The pollsters predicted a girl and they were correct!! It's a future of pink for the Stain fam. I immediately sent a text out to everyone in my phone that read, "Survey says: "it's a GIRL!" I should have chosen different words because I confused a few folks with my "blog poll/survey". ha They thought I was simply sending out results from that...not the "OFFICIAL" results. ;)
The US tech was REALLY sweet and certainly took her time, but it was just her second day at the clinic and she was VERY nervous!! When we had the boy's ultrasounds it was VERY apparent they were boys and I expected the same with yesterday's US. However, the tech would only say
"possible girl"
"I'm never wrong and it appears to be a girl, but save your receipts"
I NEED to know!!
There are sooo many decisions to be made. There was nothing blocking the view and it certainly "appears" to be a girl, but she would not confirm with 100% confidence that it is indeed a girl. She said she was 80% sure. {Because there is ALWAYS a chance that a boy could be laying a certain way and give the illusion of girl parts, the tech didn't want to say 100% either way. But the three "lines" that they look for to determine if it's a girl, were there. So, it's a girl...
with a 20% chance it's a boy. haha}
My doc was a little disappointed as well and said that next month, if possible, he'll send me down to see the "tried and true" US tech that's been there for years for a second opinion.
Although, in his opinion, it's a girl as well!
{for now...}
And Billy won't play the name game with me. boo. So there's really nothing else to report.
And he won't tell me when he will be willing to discuss names so blah, blah, blah...
But because I had Gymbucks I HAD to spend, I went ahead and bought Miss ? some super cute outfits for next winter. And I spent almost all night yesterday and all day today browsing the internets for adorable baby girl clothing. LOVE!!!
{I need a job...correction, I need a job that pays!! haha}

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