Thursday, March 3, 2011

14 days ago...

we started building a house!!
FIFTEEN days ago we closed on the land! As soon as we finished signing the papers Billy headed out to the land to take down the "For Sale" sign...

and put up our temp pole!

The following day we had some dirtwork done for the foundation and gravel/rock put down for a temporary driveway.
Day One - Driveway

Day Two - Footings

Day Three - Block
What's with the dollar bill?? Is it to make sure the line is level? Educate me, please.
Raegen wandering EXACTLY where his father told him NOT to go...

Day 5 - Plumbing

Day 7 - Slab

Day 8 - Rain - No work

Day 9 - Framing

Day 10 - Framing

Raegen checking out his new closet and bathroom...

While we were there a load of lumber got delivered so Raegen enjoyed seeing them take it off the truck...

and he really enjoyed seeing the 3-wheeler get stuck in the yard!!

Mud was flying EVERYWHERE. Another driver had to come rescue him!

Day 12 - Framing

Day 13 - Ceiling Joists

Day 14 - Rafters
I've tried to go out each day and let the boys see the construction process. Raegen thinks it's really neat that his daddy is building us a house. Billy's "goal" is to have the house finished in twelve weeks, just in time to move and get settled before baby arrives in June {or likely July...}. His "perfect plan/no delays" goal is 8 weeks and his realistic goal is 12 weeks. There are a lot of naysayers and he is LOVING it...he loves a good challenge and any chance to prove someone wrong! haha One thing we have on our side {and it's a biggie!!} is what I call the "Michael factor". ha B's cousin Michael is a builder in NWA and has been a tremendous help as far as our timelines and budgets. Of course Billy is the one making the phone calls and checking on contractors, but it helps to have some inside info as to what you're doing!!
Twelve weeks from our start date is Thursday, May 12th...we will definitely get through this process, but I'm hoping we all still like each other when it's done!! Time will tell if we meet our goal!

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