Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ellison Lee - Six Weeks

Baby Elle, you are now six weeks old. Last Friday I woke up and was one miserable sickly mommy. Thankfully I was able to get some antibiotics pronto and was feeling better in no time. Daddy came home early from work and we decided to head south a day early to visit family. You got to meet your Great-Grandfather for the first time. You are one of THREE great-grandbabies he has welcome this YEAR. You are number 13 of his 14 GREAT-grandchildren.

Mawmaw thought you were a doll.

You took the two hour trip well and slept through most of the visit too.

Nana was there visiting as well and took Raegen and Lynden for a ride on the golf cart. {Raegen made sure that SOMEBODY did!! haha}

On Saturday you stayed with daddy for a few hours {not many because you still eat every 2.5-3hrs!} while Raegen and I went shopping for back to school clothes. On Sunday you joined me and daddy in our Sunday School class again and stayed with me during church service. That afternoon we got a special treat in our yard...GEESE!

You weren't that impressed.

Daddy tried to get near them and actually made some progress, but eventually they flew over to the neighbor's pond. They have been visiting our yard daily now and leaving their "mark" all over the driveway! yuck. {thankfully we've gotten plenty of rain this week to wash it all away!!}

Sunday evening you stayed in the nursery during Training Union and again during preaching service. On Monday I FINALLY mailed your birth announcements...woohoo!!

The vote is still split 50/50 on whether you favor Raegen or Lynden. Your daddy says you're the spitting image of baby Raegen. I agree. You also remind me of your Aunt Stacy's baby pictures. You definitely have Lynden's light colored {need to be painted on} eyebrows. ;)

This picture just cracks me up...

I ADORE dressing you up in your cutesy clothes and bows. It's really just too much fun. You are now 11lb 7.8oz...

21.25" long, and have a head circumference of 14.75".

I love cloth diapering, but I really dislike how bulky it can be at times. {some of your clothes won't fit with the cloth dipes!} The preemie size prefolds I borrowed was just a wee too small and the infant size I have are just a wee too big. You'll grow into them in no time though.

You are still having some gas issues and MUST burp after each feeding. I've also started putting you to sleep on your back because your skin is so senstive and you quickly get a rash on your face when on your belly. I'm so glad sleeping on your back hasn't caused any new issues. You generally feed last around 9PM, then I swaddle you and put you to bed. Your next feeding is usually around 3AM or 4AM and again around 6:30AM. From there it is every 2.5-3.5hrs.

You have been grinning more and more and it is so precious. We have had a very low key week and have mostly stayed at home. Things are going to get very busy when school starts for Raegen on Monday. I'm looking forward to the routine though. Time for bed, we have a busy weekend scheduled!

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