Friday, September 30, 2011

Ellison Lee - Three Months

Baby Elle, you are now three months old.
You now weigh 14lb 5.4oz

Have a head circumference of 15.5" and are 23 3/8" long.

You have slept through the night more than once, but still average waking once in the night. Sometimes at 2am, sometimes at 4am, and sometimes at 6am. Not consistent at all and that is completely my fault. I STILL don't have you on a schedule. During the day you feed every 3-4 hours. You'll stay awake for about an hour and then doze off and sleep until you're hungry or Lynden finds you and wakes you up. :)

You are so easy and almost never fuss. I'm so thankful!!!! :) Your calm is a much needed relief.

You have been losing your hair which is so comical to me. Raegen NEVER lost any hair, Lynden never had any to lose, and yours shows up on EVERYTHING you lay on! :) But of course, you're still beautiful.

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