Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Opinions Needed!

**EDIT: Good question Ang! I went to Hancock's because their home decor fabs were 50% through yesterday, PLUS, I had a 10% off entire purchase coupon! I was hoping to get it yesterday, but I just couldn't commit! I've already received my mailer for next month and there is a small window where I'll be able to use the coupons for some super savings. It will be roughly $9/yd after the I want to make the right decision!**
I made a trip to Hancock's last night with B and the little king in tow. My mission was to purchase 22 yards of fabric for my dining and living room windows. When I got there, I was overwhelmed and couldn't decide which fabric I liked best. I need your help!
The basics: carpet and tile are both neutral, walls are neutral (soon to be repainted!), furniture is can tell I don't branch out much.
Here's what I did like...tell me what you think...
Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Option #4
Option #5

Option #6

Option #7

I plan on making these 90in long....nearly floor to ceiling. With some of the coordinating fabrics I may put a border at the top or bottom. Also, I will be using drapery grommets.
Opinions please!


Holly said...

Well, since you asked so nicely! :~) They are all pretty, but I am partial to blue and vertical stripes, so I pick Option #1 or runner up would be #3.

How exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the process and completed work!

Angela Ibarra said...

I say number one or two. The are nice subtle patterns, two is my fave. I am not a big fan of the stand out patterns, some of the patterns and colors were a sort of knock you in the face type, they are all really nice, it depends on if you want to make a bold statement or not, but as you said, you don't branch out much.I also can't help but wonder if cost is factored, are they all about the same, because I know that 20 yards of fabric can be pretty pricy, although curtains are expensive too. I am so excited to help in solving this dilemma. You'll have to announce the winner before you start.

Kari said...

My vote is for 7. But a close second would be #3. But, I say go for 7!!!!

Angela Ibarra said...

I always like to get the biggest bang for my buck, and wanted to know wich would be the best buy for you. $9/yard is not a bad price, of course when your buying a ton of it, it can seem like a lot. I still like number two the best, then one.

Jeff and Kibbie said...

I like option # 2! But they're all very pretty :-)

Laura said...

I'm likin' the "Bolds"....5 thru 7. I'm thinking if everything else is neutral, you need something to stand out! Can't wait to hear what you decide!!

The Stain Family said...

One more tally mark for Option #1...per my sister's request. :)

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