Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tender moments from my dawg Kris

Be still my heart. If there's one thing I love more than a good fittin' pair of jeans, it's Garth Brooks. Oh. can. that. man. sing. Kris Allen did more than justice to "To Make You Feel My Love". Oh. can. that. man. sing. He's gonna put Conway on the map!
Lil Rounds held back from her usual R&B spin when she sang "Independence Day", and despite what the judges said, I liked it. How many times does Boo Mama have to say it?? That girl can sang. Love her.
Anoop is back in tha house! Yes! "You Were Always On My Mind": Anoop Desai style is a-stinkin'-mazing!!! Willie who??
I think Matt Giraud just made Underwood's "So Small", so famous.
Oooh, I so would love those four to be the top four...and they could go on tour together...and I'd go to all their concerts...or at least download their songs...
And, as always, Adam Lambert is still not a fave, but the guy delivers every single week. How does he do it?? His voice is ridiculously good, but I just don't know....there's just something about him... His rendition of "Ring of Fire" was nada like the original, he made it an "Adam Lambert special". He's gifted.
For recaps on all the contestants, check out Boo Mama.


Kari said...

I missed most of the beginning of Idol, not on purpose, mind you. I just missed Adam's performance and watched from there. I actually like Adam. I am kinda glad that I missed his Ring of Fire performance, though. What I saw from the recaps I didn't like it.
LOVED So Small! Awesome.

Smoochiefrog said...

There is something about Adam I like, but last night he was just weird. Totally weird.

Sturgmom said...

I have been an Adam fan from the beginning, but I just didn't get it last night...

Hautemama said...

Kind of off subject, but I just met Garth at Target! He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. He was next to me looking at sheets for his daughter's bedroom with Trisha Yearwood and he introduced himself to me when I glanced over. *sigh* I actually had that moment where you think you can't breathe. He was so sweet and introduced me to Trisha. I had never met him before and I live near his ranch. I love Garth!

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