Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please and Thank You.

Raegen is a little jabber jaw, but we have yet to hear many real words or phrases. Though I do have to say Jeff and the Kibs (a.k.a. Bonfire) claim to have heard him say, "I be quiet" during Sunday night service. I'll admit it is better than last week's outburst of "NO! NO!", at which point I quickly picked him up and rushed him to the nursery. We've started taking Raegen into BIG church on Sunday nights, but only for the first hour which consists of singing and testimony. I am CONSTANTLY whispering, "Remember, we have to be quiet". I would like to take credit for his good behavior, but I think it has less to do with me and more to do with his awesome Tonka sticker book Ms. Kibs gave him for his birthday. By the end of the hour B and I are both covered in backhoes, trackhoes, dump trucks, bulldozers, etc., etc. Whatever works.
I am most excited that Raegen is finally saying please and thank you. No doubt he has to be prompted and it does sound more like "peeee" and "tae-tu", but these are WORDS! REAL WORDS!


Danny, Bridget, and Sean said...

what link were you talking about that I need to click on to speed up my pic uploading? I'm not seeing it.
And I saw the pics of Ashlyn and I'm wanting to eat her up...soooo cute!!

Holly said...

Be patient Mom! I know how you feel though. Brady ~ you know that young man that did the "millions of years" thing? Well, he was three years old before he did much more than grunt and point or say, "huh?" Once he started talking he has not slowed down and boy oh boy does he keep our ears tired.

The Stain Family said... it, Holly! I meant to add that the crane-o-saurus probably evolved from an ape! ha. Bridget...look under "Just for Fun" on the right hand's near the bottom of the list and titled "Photo Resize Software- a "blog" must have!" And it is!!

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