Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Callin' it.

Overall, I thought Idol was better last night than it has been for the past two weeks. Here are my predictions for who will be making it through tonight...
Pick #1: Lil Rounds...of course that's a no brainer. As BooMama says, "she can SANG". Jump over and read BooMama's recap of last night's AI...she's a hoot.
I've liked Lil since the first time I saw her audition...what a voice!, but even better, what a humble spirit! And the girl can work a stage...I say she takes the cake, the whole shebang, she's gonna win it all.

Pick #2: Felicia Barton...she got a second chance because Joanna Pacitti got knixed. She delivered a great performance last night and she just has the whole package. Did I mention she's a SAHM too?!

Kristen McNamara...oddly, she has a REALLY good voice. I say that because she's just very confusing to understand...I'm thinking lack of maturity has a lot to do with it. I think if Felicia does not get voted through, Kristen will.

Pick #3: Ju'Not Joyner (pronounced Jew-know) I really like his voice and felt he put his own spin on the song. The judges mentioned they felt he had more to give and I agree...he did too!! He was holding back out of "respect for the artist". Bring it Ju'Not!

Von Smith...if Ju'Not doesn't make it, Von is definitely going through. Actually, I think if Von isn't voted through, the judges will pick him as a wild card. He's a good singer, just not a fave of mine. I put him and Adam Lambert in the same category...they need to tone done the onstage drah-ma.

It will be fun to see who makes it through tonight!


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