Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did somebody say cake?

I think I mentioned that Amber and I are taking a cake decorating class. Our first class was last week and our homework was to bake a cake and ice it. During our first class the instructor gave us a few tips on how to prepare a better cake...seems it doesn't apply to chocolate cake...

This is my second cake after I iced it. Not bad. In fact, after coming close to a colossal cake breakdown, I was impressed with myself.

Here we are in class. Glad Amber didn't get a closeup of those hearts because trust me, objects are not as good as they appear!

Amber preparing her pattern transfer...

I know what you're thinking, "could you please put on a hair net?"

The finished product!

We had big plans for a birthday dinner at Olive Garden, but decided it could wait until the weekend. Instead we dined at my favorite catfish buffet.

Big Taco joined us too!

I even let Raegen have some icecream...

And he got to ride the pelican...what's a catfish house without a ride-on pelican??
Thankfully he didn't cry when it started moving...I think we're growing up.

Afterwards we came home and enjoyed my self-made birthday cake and watched Idol. Thank you to all who wished me birthday blessings. I had a fantastic birthday. I don't think it gets better than a plate of no-bakes {have I ever told you my bestie makes THE BEST no-bakes!!}, cards/texts/and phone calls from fam and friends {did I mention my dad called and had his students yell "Happy Birthday!" haha}, a few gift cards to HobLob {in fact, one card said "To: the Addict, From: the Dealers" ha}, and dinner with family.
Oh! And of course that beverage dispenser my parents got me. ;) ;)


Angela Ibarra said...

Wow, the cake looks great, I guess cake decorating class couldn't have come at a better time. We halped Amber eat hers last night, you two keep up the good work, yummo.

Laura said...

I thought your cake looked wonderful, but I'm not sure what Raegan thought by his picture. I'm sure it tasted great, too, because chocolate cake always does!!

Stephanie said...

Your cake looked great! I would LOVE to take a Wilton Class!

Holly said...

That cake looks great! I like the way you decorate! :~)

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