Thursday, April 9, 2009

A "Fashion Friday" first!

I had opted to not do a Fashion Friday post this week because BigMama is on "vacation" this week. However, I just had to answer the call of duty...

Angela asks: Hey, since fall clothes are on clearance now, I have a fashion Friday challenge. I have a dark brown courteroy jacket, it is one of those waist high, two big button, collar, business casual jackets. I want to start wearing it in the fall when the weather is a little cool. What could I wear as a shirt, I think jeans look o.k., not sure about any dress pants. What do you think??

{she even sent a picture, isn't that nice?}

First of all, way to shop on sale. Secondly, is the color off on my monitor, or is that jacket blue instead of brown? Is blue the new brown?

Here is a shirt from Kohl's that would look great regardless of jacket color. You can never go wrong with classic white.

This patterned shirt from Kohl's would add some interest to your solid blue/brown jacket. Although I would only pair this with the brown jacket, not the blue. Are you following?
Originally I had found this Old Navy patterned shirt for the brown jacket, but I think it would pair nicely with the blue as well. It's also not as matronly as the previous floral shirt, and instead has a hint of hipness. {I am not concerned if that is a real word or not, are you?}

You can also never go wrong with a dark denim jean...classic and classy. If your jacket is blue, black dress pants paired with a blue/black/white geometric top would look nice. If your jacket is brown, some nice dark brown wool pants and a lightweight sweater would "go" {as Stacy and Clinton would say}. Just remember to keep your pants darker than your top, it helps you look grounded.

AND, if you can find the right style and fabric, it just might look fabulouso paired with a dress!

Thank you all for all of your question {one, just one} this week. I look forward to answering more question {maybe one more?} next week.

I would also like to add, to all the scoffers of my "Bedazzle Me" post {you may have not said anything, but I know you're out there} just wait, you. just. wait. I think I'm really on to something. Tonight! This very night! As I ran in to Target I saw a woman decked head to TOE in some major bedazzled jewels. You just wait. It is a'makin' a comeback. ;)


Kari said...

Love this post!! And, it looks blue to me too! I hope you do get bedazzling back in style...Awesome.

Hautemama said...

I ironed the little diamond letters on my black t-shirt for Halloween - nothing wrong with a Bedazzled Happy Halloween shirt. People complimented me all night long as we trick-or-treated.

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