Saturday, April 18, 2009

The garden and the Olive

Billy planted cucumber, squash, okra, and tomatoes yesterday. We're hoping today's rain doesn't wash it all away! This will be our first real garden as a family and I'm excited to have fresh summer veggies.

This evening we celebrated my birthday, again. My all-time fave restaurant is Olive Garden {oh the breadsticks, and oh! the salad}, but the last year or so we've preferred to stay in town rather than drive 30 minutes just to dine.
Raegen was quite the breadstick fan...who isn't?

He was also quite the fan of having his picture taken...

He insisted Billy pick up the camera and take our picture...over and'll see...

As always, the food was delicioso. Yummy goodness.

Raegen and I always share a plate.

and again. {It's different than the previous, scroll up and see.}

And of course we had to get dessert to celebrate.
"I only have eyes for you..."

I think he likes it.

Two hands of cake are better than one...


I'm really enjoying this age, though there are moments I dislike it greatly. Thankfully, Raegen was very well behaved tonight. Actually, a couple seated nearby stopped by our table as they were leaving to commend us on his good behavior. I'm thinking they don't have kids; if so, they would have known the pendulum easily swings both ways!


Kate Craig said...

You get such great pictures of Raegen! I love the one where he's staring at the cake, haha! He looks VERY happy with all his Olive Garden food. :)

mmmm Olive Garden does have the best salad. We love to go at lunch for the soup, salad, and breadsticks.

Kari said...

Love the pictures! And, I could totally see they were different shots! ;)

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